What You Should Know About Software Intelligence

Brandon M. Lewis
May 12, 2022 3:03:39 PM

Software will be the foundation of the economy of the future. Already since decades it has transformed various sectors and industries, upsetting incumbent market structures and disrupting established firms. As software has migrated from the sole responsibility of the neglected IT department to that of boardrooms, it's become important not only for developers and team leads to maintain a comprehensive understanding of their code base. Likewise, it's critical for executives to have the sort of oversight necessary to maintain strategic control and management of their software initiatives.

What is Software Intelligence?

Software intelligence is a necessary aspect in the professionalization and scalability of software development. Business leaders leverage S.I. to bring clarity to the complexity of their software. To describe it succinctly, I think GCN provides a good, short definition:

Briefly defined, software intelligence establishes round-the-clock awareness and control over on-premise and multicloud environments, with continuous automation eliminating manual tasks and artificial intelligence-powered insights simplifying cloud complexity to give digital teams a clear and comprehensive view of the entire IT ecosystem – including the quality of user experiences.

The Source of Software Intelligence

Software intelligence provides actionable insights in real-time into how your software is performing and being developed. These insights provided by software intelligence to understand and control complex software systems are ultimately derived from a variety of sources in an IT environment, including:

  • Software architecture – the fundamental organization and structures of a software system
  • Software composition – the code and substance of the software
  • Software grades – software grades assess the attributes of the software
  • Software flaws – measuring frequency of defects, technical debt, etc.

The Components of S.I. Platforms

Software intelligence platforms may contain a variety of components to increase their usefulness to corporations and developers. For example, the Seerene software process mining platform includes software development visualizations in the form of software maps, such as the one below:


These software visualizations help both managers and developers to more quickly identify negative trends and their causes. Using software intelligence tools, they are then able to drill-down to the affected source code and act. 

Likewise, another powerful form of software intelligence is the digital boardroom from Seerene. Executives can maintain oversight of digital initiatives and the general health of the code with the help of intuitively understandable KPIs. With this, it becomes easier for executives to align their software strategy with their overarching corporate goals. 

Software Intelligence Applications

Software intelligence offers a variety of benefits within the context of a business environment. These can generally be categorized into three aspects:

  • Decision-Making & Steering: Software intelligence analytics can provide the insights and knowledge necessary for strategic planning. KPIs and benchmarking can empower executives to make well-informed decisions regarding their IT initiatives and monitor their progress. 
  • Modernization & Migration:  Many companies face challenges when modernizing their systems or migrating away from legacy systems into the cloud. This is especially acute in finance and insurance. Software intelligence can help to ensure there is uniform documentation and otherwise ease the migration.
  • Security & Resilience: Software intelligence can be leveraged to compare systems to industry standards, to ensure compliance, and highlight potential flaws. 


Just a business intelligence is necessary to analyze and optimize existing business structures and procedures, software intelligence helps corporations to comprehend and manage their software factories. Reflecting the newfound economic importance of software innovations, software intelligence is increasingly proliferated, with many companies beginning to invest in software process mining to ensure that their digital ventures aren't squandered by inefficient and unproductive coding. Software intelligence helps not only to make corporate software production more efficient, but also better integrated within the larger framework of company goals and strategy. And as such, S.I. is a critical component of any meaningful sustainable digital transformation.

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