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Trusted by Customers

Our customers trust Seerene as a software management platform that is changing their software development for the better. We rank SAP, agile, and embedded software among our current use cases, with a focus on software development and disruptive software management in large enterprise organizations.

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Customers have turned to Seerene to streamline their software delivery on SAP, with whom we maintain a co-innovation partnership and assist with their internal process. We support SAP clients in the three key areas of securing high volumes of releases, migrating to SAP S/4HANA, and assessing vendor performance.

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Agile Software Development

Use Seerene to tackle the challenges of adopting agile structures for your company. Our Digital Boardroom gives you information about your codebase and coding activity, so that you can make adjustments and smart investments that accelerate your company's adoption of an agile structure.

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Embedded Software

Embedded software is another main application field of Seerene's software analytics. Seerene assists its clients with their embedded software development projects, including the automotive industry. Specialized software analytics filters relevant code and integrates with precompiled directives, metrics for code and software development and end-to-end visibility, helping teams make informed decisions and achieve quality milestones.

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It is said that a developer will spend around 80 percent of his or her time simply understanding the code. This means that the less complexity there is in the code, the faster the developer can get to grips with the code and the lower the probability of errors is. The level of complexity is revealed very clearly by the solution of seerene. One can see where high-quality code exists and where problems lie. In my case, I had added a major architecture improvement program and then naturally wanted to be able to prove any increases in productivity. Seerene's cityscape analogy showed very clearly that the measures I implemented had had a positive effect. In this way, even management can be convinced.


Oliver Zeiler
Member of the Divisional Management Board BRIEF, CTO & Product Development E-POST, Deutsche Post AG

Software Maps of seerene provide an excellent overview about code modifications and current code quality status. Through combination of various metric domains and visualisation of architectural components as city districts, “problematic districts” can be easily revealed at a glance. Efforts for improvements and testing can be estimated and prioritized.


Markus Manleitner
Software Quality Assurance Manager, Dräger Medical AG & Co. KG

We were surprised that the Software Maps of seerene revealed problematic code areas at first sight. Beforehand, we had to identify such code areas with high manual effort. For our new software product, we use seerene's early-warning-system from the start and, by this, are able to increase the quality and the maintainability of the system faster. At the same time, we use our development resources more effective.

Werner Kampert
Manager R&D, Head of Departement Software Development, Francotyp Postalia


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