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Our customers trust Seerene as a software management platform that is changing their software development for the better. We rank SAP, agile and embedded software among our current use cases, with a focus on software development and disruptive software management in large enterprise organizations.


Customized Software Analytics

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Customers have turned to Seerene to streamline their software delivery for SAP, with whom we maintain a co-innovation partnership and assist with their internal process. We support to SAP customers in three key areas of securing high volumes of releases, migrating to SAP S/4HANA and assessing vendor performance.

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IT solutions

Agile Software Development

Use Seerene to tackle the challenges of adopting agile structures for your company, which gives you information about your codebase and coding activity that tells you where to make adjustments and smart investments that accelerate your company's adoption of an Agile structure.

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Embedded Software

Embedded software is another main application field of Seerene's software analytics. Seerene customers include automotive industry, which assists them in working with their embedded software development projects. Specialized software analytics filters relevant code and integrates with precompiled directives, metrics for code and software development and end-to-end visibility, helping teams make informed decisions and achieve quality milestones.

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