• The IT Solutions Provider of  Erste Bank Group Austria

    The IT Solutions Provider of Erste Bank Group Austria

    As one of the largest financial services providers in Central and Eastern Europe, this group depends upon an informed, data-driven approach. Seerene’s fast, accurate insights help the company steer its operations in full confidence and security.

  • Continental


    A cornerstone in Seerene’s enduring success with the automotive industry, the platform helps Continental achieve full transparency over its software development by identifying and removing impediments in code and process.

  • ZL Associates

    ZL Associates

    One of the largest government agencies in Europe operates its most important business processes with several core applications. As a consultancy, ZL Associates collaborated with Seerene from summer 2016 to analyze the quality of the software and its development process.

  • SAP


    Ensuring complete visibility across all areas of a codebase is essential to SAP.