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When it comes to crafting success as a team, the recipe lies in a unique combination of knowledge, skills and imaginative spirit.

We count 10+ nationalities and a huge range of personalities among those who make up Seerene, with many talented individuals in our Engineering team, our skilled management and in the creative contingent of marketing and design.



What Seereners say

Engineering Manager

"Seerene is a great example of a well-structured tech company. Small teams work on different parts and aspects of a complex software system to produce a meaningful and well-oiled whole. By maintaining a healthy overlap between teams, we manage to create an open and encouraging work environment that values the acquisition and sharing of knowledge on technical topics as much as it fosters personal development."

Software Engineer - Quality

"Since arriving with the company a few months ago, I have been made to feel very welcome as a part of Seerene. Beyond my first impressions of openness and friendliness that I got in my interview and the sense that the company has a lot to achieve, I also feel fortunate that the work I do really counts. The product is constantly growing and evolving, and it's great seeing my ideas come to life."

Engineering Manager

“The most exciting thing for me at Seerene is that we are constantly innovating. As an engineering team we are not afraid to look at cutting-edge tools to help solve our probems. An Engineer at Seerene will always find themselves learning something in our group discussions as we discuss various tools and strategies to come up with unique solutions”

Maintaining the Ethos

Our mixture of skills and origins unite in a central, focused mindset that we nurture at the heart of our professional culture, and which we find as the key factor that sustains success.

Grow with Seerene

We see a career as a journey that starts with curiosity and the thirst for new knowledge. As an extension of your work with us, Seerene gives you the opportunity to pursue further training to expand your skills as a part of our team.