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Digital Boardroom

KPIs that everyone understands

Optimization of Single Systems
as well as Portfolios

Drill-down & actionable
insights for management & teams


Seamless Integration


Digital Boardroom

Steer your organization towards excellence with ease. 

Obtain real-time transparency about your organization’s performance. KPIs on dashboards tell you when and where the management's attention is needed.

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KPIs That Everyone Understands

The Seerene platform converts technical raw data into KPIs that both technical and non-technical stakeholders understand. This way, the communication gap between managers and experts is bridged. The KPIs assure that every step of every stakeholder is directed towards the organization’s global benefit.

Optimization of Single Systems as well as Portfolios

The Seerene platform creates visibility both on a horizontal as well as on a vertical level within your organization.

Horizontally: for the fragmented end-to-end delivery workflow of each software system individually.

Vertically: for a compound and benchmark view across software portfolios.

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Drill-down & Actionable Insights for Management and Teams

KPIs are derived from technical raw data, hence, you can always drill-down into the details and reveal the root cause of a problematic KPI trend, whether it's a code component that is too complex, a work item that pushed too hard towards a deadline, a specific 3rd-party vendor team, a missing test case, etc.. This way, also the experts in your organization get valuable actionable insights how to improve the situation.



Specialized information visualization techniques enable you to precisely pinpoint the problem areas – even in software landscapes with hundreds of millions of lines of code.


Seamless Integration

The Seerene platform seamlessly connects to the tools in your development infrastructure (code repositories, issue tracking, defect tracking, CI/CD systems, code checker, test automation, requirement management, …). However, it also brings its own code parsers along in case you have a minimal setup with just code in version control. Seerene is not about replacing existing tools; it is about additionally harvesting your tool investments. No elaborate methods or process maturity are necessary here. 

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