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Agile Software Development

Facilitate agile software development with software analytics.

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About Erste Digital GmbH

Erste Digital GmbH is the IT solutions provider of Erste Bank and Sparkasse in Austria, and is responsible for developing, implementing, supporting and servicing IT solutions for banking. Furthermore, s IT Solutions Austria is in charge of Erste Group’s data center operations and on-site technical service in Austria.


Software Analytics for Agile Software Development

Agile software development is characterized by adaptive planning, evolutionary development, early delivery and continual improvement; it provides rapid and flexible responses to change. It has been widely adopted in industrial software production.

Erste Digital needed to accelerate the time-to-market for innovative software: deploying more frequently, but also doing this at a lower cost. When done successfully, agile software development can offer the key to finding this golden balance. However, introducing agile software development relies on a full awareness of current processes, which allows the team to see where they are missing targets for speed, cost, reliability and flexibility in the coding activity and deployed software.

Seerene’s software analytics platform supports agile processes with AI-based, data-driven insights that promote informed discussion. 

Balancing Agile Development

  • Compare sprints, teams, and user stories with Seerene's interactive software maps – a key interface for exploratory software analytics.
  • Direct your decision-making with these maps, where filters narrow down the codebase according to development activity and the codebase itself. Separate areas in the code shift in height and color according to how that area performs for those metrics, showing trends that need a response.
  • Seerene's objective, instantaneous data analysis associates code and coding activity, giving a comprehensive view that supports your team's discussions of obstacles, resources and future goals.
  • A clear, accessible format builds a bridge between engineering and business & management.
  • Fully-automated data capture means that all stakeholders can access insights on an instant basis and engage in active discussion over targets to set for the next sprint.
  • Make decisions that promote steady improvement in performance and reduced levels of risk. 

Bridging Communication Gaps

A main challenge of agile software development for an organization is to bridge the knowledge gap between engineers and non-engineers, such as those in sales, business and management. Companies often do not find effective ways to communicate about software development between all involved.

When brought into an agile team, the Seerene platform provides a common communication platform along the software production pipeline and across various stakeholder groups. The results and recommendations of the platform reduce the overhead of creating manual reports or reviewing software development groups by consultants. The platform encourages discussions and transparency among software developers so that they can localize and reflect on their own activities better.


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