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The Hosts of Envisioning Tomorrow's Code

Executive Exchange 2024
Envisioning Tomorrow's Code

Sharing the Roadmap Symposium

Automotive Software Summit 2023
Sharing the Roadmap

An Executive Summit on the Future of Automotive Software
Zuschnitt Carsten Rossbach of Roland Berger kicking off the Navigating Software Production event at the HPI

Executive Exchange 2023
Navigating Software Production

Leading Software Factories to Excellence
The Learning Curves Automotive Event at the HPI and its Speakers Collegium, including Marc Hildebrandt, Dr. Johannes Bohnet, Carsten Rönneburg

Automotive Executive Exchange

Learning Curves

Automotive Software Factories
The Hosts of the Inaugural Automotive Executive Summit at the Hasso Plattner Institute, Dr. Johannes Bohnet, Marc Hildebrandt, Prof. Dr. Jürgen Döllner

Best Practices

Automotive Software Factory

Austausch mit High-Performern - Automotive and beyond
The Software Production & Sustainability Event at the HPI and its hosts Oliver Viel, Dr. Johannes Bohnet of Seerene, Marc Hildebrandt of the German Deep Tech Group, and Prof. Dr. Jürgen Döllner of the HPI

CXO Event

Software Production & Sustainability

Wie verhält sich die konzerninterne Nachhaltigkeit zur Nachhaltigkeit?
Software Produktion und Finance GDT Marc Hildebrandt, Carsten Rönneburg, Oliver Viel

CFO Exchange

Softwareproduktion & Finance

Kosteneffizienz, Controlling, Strategie - die konzerninterne Software Factory aus Sicht des CFOs

Finance IT Leaders über Software Factories

Die ideale Software Factory 

für Finance & Insurance

Software Excellence Logo  Dark Background

Software Excellence Network

How can we succeed in creating scalable, efficient software factories?
Software production has become a fundamental source of value creation in all industries. Groups and larger players must confront the emerging environment if they are to retain their market positions. The ability to respond directly and reliably to these changing challenges is a prerequisite for securing the success of IT departments, companies, corporations and ultimately the competitiveness of Europe economically.
And yet we have not gotten that far.  Experts from research and industry need to exchange ideas on an equal footing and collaborate. We want to make a contribution to these efforts.
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Software Excellence
Coffee Break Prof. Dr. Joachim Wuermeling-Detail
Sozialising & Netzwerken im HPI-Detail
Lebendige Diskussion Sustainability Full-Detail
Dr. Marc Pfeiffer Microsoft-Detail
Dr. Martina Niemann, Arlene Bühler, Oliver Viel-Detail
Seerene_Finance_&_Insurance_Johannes Bohnet - Detail
Podiumsdiskussion Prof. Dr. Bastian Halecker Rainer Karcher - Detail
Bernhard F. Kraft ERGO Group - Detail
Dr- Johannes Bohnet, Seerene GmbH-Detail
Socializing at the HPI-Detail
Publikum Simone Eberhardt Volker Maiborn-Detail
Dr. Wolfgang Bernhart Senior Partner and Global Head of Advanced Technology Center @ Automotive & Industrials Products-Detail
Prof. Dr. Joachim Wuermeling Mitglied des Vorstands Bundesbank-Detail
Sustainability Publikum-Detail
Prof. Dr. Bastian Halecker at the HPI

Prof. Dr. Bastian Halecker - XU University

"Corporations are just now learning how to apply deep tech innovation at full speed. They need to go all in and not only do half measures."


Johannes Elsner ERGO Technology

Johannes ElsnerMitglied des Vorstands & CIO, ERGO Technology & Services

"In order to achieve economies of scale in software production, we need to adopt a 'factory approach,' by which we are creating internal tech hubs that maximize standardization, automate core processes and incorporate business services into technology management, all while maintaining in-house ownership and authority."

Thomas Speck speaking at the event hosted by Seerene, MaibornWolff, Roland Berger and the HPI

Thomas Speck CIO, Trumpf

"IT isn’t just a cost center, it’s a catalyst for business transformation. To create real business value, we must step out of our comfort zones and embrace the potential of technology and change. Therefore, we have to reposition IT to create new sources of value and drive growth.”


Dr. Johannes Bohnet, Founder & Co-CEO, Seerene GmbH

Dr. Johannes Bohnet - Founder & CEO, Seerene

"Nearly all corporations are actively working to build or strengthen their own software development capabilities. Their success depends crucially on whether they can analytically measure how proficient they are and whether they are improving."


Dr. Beck Explaining the Big Five Trends

Dr. Martina Beck - CEO MaibornWolff

"Larger companies increasingly want to gain insight into the quality and efficiency of their software development. A metrics-driven analysis approach is needed here. Based on this, weaknesses need to be addressed through targeted coaching."


Maik Krüger, CIO of DRÄXLMAIER speaking at the Hasso Plattner Institute

Maik KrügerGroup CIO, DRÄXLMAIER

"Performance IT is not just about delivering technology solutions, but rather about driving business outcomes with powerful and purposeful innovation that aligns business needs with software capabilities."


Dr. Andreas Hamprecht at the Hasso Plattner Institute in Potsdam

Dr. Andreas HamprechtCIO & CDO, Deutsche Bahn Regio

"Digital transformation is not a destination, it’s a journey, and it’s a journey that requires the collaboration of every part of the organization. By aligning corporate strategy, IT, and digitalization, we can navigate the road to digital business transformation at scale and achieve the extraordinary."


Marc Hildebrandt, Founder und CEO German Deep Tech Group
Marc HildebrandtCEO German Deep Tech Group
"Software Factories that continue to work on their professionalism will emerge successfully from the feared recession."
Prof. Dr. Jürgen Döllner Computergrafische Systeme, AI Lab for IT-Systems Engineering, Hasso-Plattner-Institut
Prof. Dr. Jürgen Döllner - Hasso-Plattner-Institut

"In five to ten years, everything in software development will be completely different. Why I believe this? Generative AI is aware of everything that has ever been encoded, so long as it is in GitHub. So the world's best programmer will be the machine."



Carsten Rönneburg at the HPI

Carsten RönneburgClient Director, Seerene

"For large companies, there will soon be no alternative to developing their own professionally organized software factory."


An Audience of CXOs

Envisioning Tomorrow's Code

Executive Exchange 2024

As technology continues to advance at an unprecedented pace, the imperative to adapt and innovate within the realm of software development becomes increasingly crucial. Industry leaders, tech visionaries, and executives converged to explore the dynamic landscape of software production.


Navigating Software Production executive summit at the Hasso Plattner Institute

Navigating Software Production

Executive Exchange 2023

Across industries, the significance of software production for value creation within corporations grows exponentially. The current generation of IT executives faces an almost superhuman task here as mediators between business and technology. Top executives were invited to an exclusive exchange among peers.


Open Discussion Hasso-Plattner-Institute Finance & Insurance Event 1000x667

Finance IT Leaders on Software Factories

There will be no banking and finance detached from the digital realm. Seerene and Microsoft invited leading corporate IT-executives to talk about managing their software factories. Master classes held by top executives from Deutsche Bundesbank, Debeka, Horn & Co., ERGO, Seerene, Microsoft and others. See the video documentation, download their slide decks, and watch pictures from the event.

Maria Anhalt of Elektrobit Engaging the Audience at Sharing the Roadmap Executive Exchange

Software Production in the Automotive Industry 

Roland Berger, Seerene and German Deep Tech Group invited some of the most distinguished leaders of the automotive software space. Master classes held by top executives from Roland Berger, Microsoft, Bosch, Continental, ZF Group, HPI, Seerene, VAIVA, Audi, T-Systems, Dräxlmaier, ETAS, Tencent and others. Watch their take on software excellence and their views on the future of the automotive industry. Videos, PPTs and pictures can be found here: 
2021: https://www.seerene.com/vortraege-auto-software-factory 
2022: https://www.seerene.com/2022-masterclasses-automotive-software-factory
2023: https://www.seerene.com/sharing-masterclass

Auftakt Dr. Johannes Bohnet Marc Hildebrandt Rainer Pöltz

Software Production & Sustainability

Watch leading experts across diverse industries present their concept of sustainable IT at the Hasso Plattner Institute. Upon the invitation Seerene and Microsoft, leading corporate CXOs revealed their strategies for how IT can help to achieve a sustainable economy. Master classes held by top executives from ERGO, Raiffeisen Software, KfW Bankengruppe, Festo, ABM Ambro, ZF Group, DeKaBank and more. Please find videos, PPTs and pictures here: 

The audience of CFOs at the German Deep Tech Villa

Softwareproduktion aus Sicht der/des CFO

German Deep Tech Group, Seerene and the HPI hosted an event to talk about the relationship between a software factory and finance. Leading CFOs discussed on a summer day at the German Deep Tech Villa. Master classes held by top executives from DB Cargo, Seerene, Elektrobit and others. Watch videos and see slide decks as well as photos:

Software Excellence
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Featured Presentations
Maria Anhalt CEO of Elektrobit Presenting at Sharing the Roadmap Event

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Maria Anhalt
CEO | Elektrobit

Prof. Dr. Hermann Sikora Raiffeisen Software GmbH 2000x1333

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Prof. Dr. Hermann Sikora
CEO | Raiffeisen Software

Dr. Linzmeier Presenting @ the HPI Event Sharing the Roadmap

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Dr. Dirk Linzmeier
CEO | TTTech Auto

Dr. Andreas Hamprecht at the Hasso Plattner Institute in Potsdam

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Dr. Andreas Hamprecht
CIO/CDO | DB Regio

Melanie Kehr KfW Bankengruppe

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Melanie Kehr
Member of Executive Board | KfW Bankengruppe

Audience Engaged by Dr. Philipp Herzig

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Dr. Philipp Herzig

Prof. Dr. Christian Bär
CTO | Datev

Dr. Beck Explaining the Big Five Trends

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Dr. Martina Beck
CEO | MaibornWolff

Volker Maiborn
CEO | MaibornWolff

Dr. Johannes Bohnet explains his views on Increasing Productivity​ in a Highly Dynamic​ Software World​

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Dr. Johannes Bohnet
CEO & Founder | Seerene

Dr. Elmar Pritsch President Bosch Connected Mobility Solutions - Robert Bosch GmbH

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Dr. Elmar Pritsch
President |
Bosch Connected Mobility Solutions

Mr. Tarabbia of Continental

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Jean-Francois Tarabbia
Executive Vice President | Continental

Felix Meyer zu Driehausen and Dr. Matthias Burger of Bosch Presenting Together at the Sharing the Roadmap Executive Summit-1

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Dr. Matthias Burger
Director | Bosch

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