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Embedded Software

Developing embedded software systems means a need for precise analysis of areas that are difficult to access or that sit in a small, isolated area of the codebase: not a simple task without software analytics that can target their view to the relevant code.

Seerene has extensive experience with customers developing embedded software systems, particularly in the automotive sector. The platform filters important data, allowing for comprehensive, relevant analysis that supports decisive action. The platform is especially valuable for those who don't use code in every product, or who work on projects that only re-use certain parts of existing code assets for clients.


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Precise Views on Embedded Software Releases

Companies developing embedded software systems need to understand and track all the investments in their software assets, all while getting an accurate degree of insight into their projects. Since chipset constraints mean that only part of the code is used, taking a general view of the codebase is too imprecise, producing vague analysis and poor decisions.

Organizations engaged in embedded software development also typically have a very elaborate tool-chain, which stretches from requirements management, ticket management, version control, static code analysis to test automation and defect management systems.

The Seerene platform provides a unique set of features for embedded software analysis, for example, filtering relevant data by integrating the precompiled directives with metrics for code and for software development. It generates a unique view of the relevant code and of the software development activities, based on directives used in the build.  

Monitoring Embedded Software Development  

When developing embedded software, software management needs to know, for example, how well defect hotspots have been covered by automated testing.

Seerene helps verify that planning is not at risk due to high effort being spent in complex code, and with finding out where it would make most sense to concentrate resources to accelerate delivery.

Seerene's tracking and monitoring ensures that a high quality for released software can be achieved. 

Ensuring Software Quality for Embedded Systems

Seerene provides the means for ensuring high software quality for embedded system releases. It tracks development progress towards defined quality levels, multiple times per day. It performs code analysis and integrates test results, capturing all relevant data per build and giving insight into progress within single build pipelines. 

Typical customers use the platform to run several hundreds of build pipelines in parallel while tracking, steering and reporting accurately on each project. With instant access to changes to the builds, teams achieve time and quality milestones and assure longevity for their organization.


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