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Invest Developer Time Strategically: Quantify How Much Coding Effort Is Invested per Topic and Align Developer Time With Business Criticality

CIOs, IT Executives,
Product Owners

Use Case CIO Product Owner

Project Managers,
Application Managers

Use Case Product Manager

Software Architects,
IT Architects

Use Case Software Architect

Engineering Leaders

Use Case Engineering Manager

You are responsible for a software system and the organization around it that builds and maintains it.

Your responsibility spans over the entire BizDevOps delivery chain,

  • from the team members who define business requirements (Biz)
  • to the team members who convert requirements into code, test, and bring code into production (DevOps)

Developer time is your scarcest resource. Hence, you must make sure that your organization is

  • Efficient: Developers are not forced to waste their time, e.g., by defect fixing.
  • Effective: Developers should only invest their time into topics of highest business value.



Your team works with agile methodology. That means, that the product managers in your team maintain a product vision, formulate high-level business topics and break it down into epics and stories.

The stories are managed in a prioritized backlog and are handed to the developers. Every sprint (2 weeks) the developers grab the top Stories from the backlog and start coding.

This time-and-material way of working is optimal because product managers can quickly re-prioritize while the product vision becomes sharper. However, this process from requirements to code is a one-way street without back-flow information: It is not possible to see where you really invest your precious developer time.



Your pain is that agile methodology has a critical blind spot. There is no extensive upfront planning nor time tracking → As a result, there is no information into what your precious developer time is really flowing.

You must make sure that developer time is 100% aligned with business criticality. But how can you do your job, if you cannot measure how much time is flowing into which business topic?

Do you have “black hole” topics that are of low business relevance but consume a significant amount of developer time unnoticed?



You know that your developers experience impediments and cannot 100% spend their time for business value creation.

You would like to measure the amount of developer time that is wasted for inefficiencies, e.g., for defect fixing.

And you would like to drill-down into root causes to be able to convert the inefficiencies into extra power.



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