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How Seerene Is Used in Practice

See how Seerene can be leveraged in a variety of circumstances.

Seerene Agile Transformation

Agile Transformation in Enterprises: Finding the Right Balance between Cultures of Control and Trust

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Reducing Testing Costs by Analytics 700x393

Reducing Testing Costs by Analytics-Driven Risk-Based Testing

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3rd Party Software Development

Monitoring and Steering of 3rd-Party Software Development Providers

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Business Side

Convincing the Business Side to Invest in the Reduction of Technical Debt

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Software Factory Outside

Assess and Monitor the Performance of a Software Factory

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Software Factory

Be Efficient: Focus Developer Time on Value Creation

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Defect Fixing

Be Efficient: Reduce Effort for Defect Fixing

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Use Case Performance

Assess and Monitor the Performance of Your Software Factory

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Software Management Use Case

Data-Driven Workforce Management

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Use Cost Effectiveness

Increasing Cost-Effectiveness by Assigning the Software System Ownership to the Most Suitable Development Team

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Invest Developer Time Strategically: Quantify How Much Coding Effort Is Invested per Topic and Align Developer Time With Business Criticality

Invest Developer Time Strategically

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