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Be Efficient: Focus Developer Time on Value Creation

CIOs, IT Executives,
Product Owners

Use Case CIO Product Owner

Project Managers,
Application Managers

Use Case Product Manager

Software Architects,
IT Architects

Use Case Software Architect

Engineering Leaders

Use Case Engineering Manager

You are responsible for a “software factory," i.e. the organization that develops and maintains a software system.

You serve as an intermediary between the business side and your software delivery team. There is pressure on you to deliver a lot of functionality - fast and without defects.

You have a limited amount of developers. As such, developer time is a scarce resource that should be used 100% for creating business value (features).

You are responsible for providing the environment so that your developers can work efficiently.


This use case is applicable to any kind of software development, independent of process methodologies (waterfall, agile, scaled agile, V-model, …) or type of software systems (IT applications, SaaS, mobile apps, embedded systems, …)

Even if the development work is done by a 3rd-party vendor, it is you who pays the price for inefficiencies in the development process. The vendor will present effort estimations to you that implicitly include the inefficiencies.



Your intuition tells you that there are many aspects of inefficiency in your software factory, but you lack the means of quantifying or identifying them. For example:

  • Loss of time due to defect fixing.
  • Inefficiencies resulting from poor knowledge distribution among team members combined with fluctuations in developer teams.
  • Existing code complexities (“technical debt”) from the past that backfire now.
  • Lack of test automation where developers work in edit-and-pray mode.
  • And many more...

Most of the inefficiencies result from complex dynamics between activities regarding requirements, code, tests and ops - and cannot easily be pinpointed.
Even the experts in your organization cannot quantify inefficiencies and are forced to rely on their gut-feeling.



It would be helpful, if you could identify the various aspects of inefficiencies and quantify them in terms of KPIs. Such KPIs would reveal the untapped potential in your organization: Time currently wasted can be converted into additional value creation.

Quantitative KPIs can help to focus improvement measures on aspects with high potential for re-capturing additional time.

The dream comes true. You can drill-down from KPIs to the root causes of issues. This way you and your team can obtain actionable insights into how to improve your organization step-by-step.



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