The Seerene Digital Engineering Framework

The Analytic Backbone of Excellent Software Production

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Digital Engineering

Applying engineering principles to software development as the key to digital transformation.

"Digital Engineering represents engineering methods, principles and techniques which are applied in the context of planning, building, maintaining and advancing digital systems like IT-systems, applications and services."

- Hasso Plattner Institute for Digital Engineering

The Seven Dimensions of Excellent Software Production

Every parameter to be taken into account if it comes to optimizing organization and output of a software project can be associated with at least one of the seven basic dimensions of excellent software production. Managing and balancing these dimensions in everyday software production requires means to quantify the dimensions by practical KPIs. The seven dimensions, structured groups of KPIs and every single KPI displayed here form the Seerene Digital Engineering Framework.

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The Age of Software Factories

Software is becoming the center point to leverage value creation in almost every industry and so it steadily extends its influence on the overall performance of companies. This implies digitalization in future corporations will require optimized management of huge software production entities – so-called Software Factories – to grant efficient and fast high-quality innovation delivery. The Age of the Software Factories means that every Corporation needs to embrace and apply methods of digital engineering to master its digitalization process and to prosper in future markets.

The Digital Engineering Platform

Seerene is the corporate class software solution to master challenges of digital engineering on an industrial scale. It provides IT decision-makers with the information needed to actively drive their software production towards excellence. ​The analytics technology extracts and fuses the data traces left by all tools and repositories in software development infrastructures and derives insights of strategic and operational relevance.

Each of the seven basic dimensions links to a structured set of practical KPIs:

Deliver without time/money loss
process maturity-2
Deliver without time/money loss
no knowledge lock-in-2
Deliver without time/money loss
Deliver without time/money loss
no technical debt-2
Deliver without time/money loss
Deliver without time/money loss
Deliver fast&as-planned

Make the Digital Engineering Framework your own!

The framework is put together to inspire and practically guide your journey to excellence in Software Production. We are happy to provide you with a printable PDF version or a poster because the knowledge and experience in Digital Engineering is open source.  Please provide feedback and help to develop the framework further.

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Only direct access to all strategic KPIs enables a software development organizations to bridge the gap between strategy and operations: Developer teams are enabled to act agile and autonomously while at the same time the management can oversee, adjust and optimize the overall process with respect to reaching global corporate goals. The Digital Engineering Framework acts as a methodical backbone which provides a multitude of tangible KPIs for various context situation in software development."


Dr. Johannes Bohnet
Founder & Co-CEO Seerene

In the field of software production we still have to learn a lot from older engineering disciplines like the strict requirement of transparency and rational control. This can only be achieved if we use modern means and methods to apply these general requirements to agile software production. In doing this we enable software engineering to become a real and mature engineering discipline. The Digital Engineering Framework is a useful tool to demonstrate the diversity of opportunities if it comes to choosing strategically relevant KPIs for digital engineering and software production."


Prof. Dr. Jürgen Döllner

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