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The Seerene Platform Enables the Scaling of Your Software Production with:

The Digital Boardroom: Real-Time KPIs for Managing & Monitoring Your Software Production

Software Development Visualizations

Drill-Downs and Actionable Insights

1. The Digital Boardroom

The Digital Boardroom empowers the C-Suite and managers to strategically plan, steer, and monitor IT investments in real-time. With easily understandable KPIs, there is no longer a communication barrier between executives and their developers. Whereas now the software development organization within companies often operates like a blackbox, the Digital Boardroom shines a bright light of transparency into the metaphorical Software Factory, enabling the strategic management and alignment with corporate objectives.

The Digital Boardroom provides far more utility than the already essential ability to manage one's software organization. Its KPIs can form the basis in negotiating outsourcing contracts or identifying when system-relevant issues, such as technical debt, have become so severe that they warrant management's attention and potentially the additional investment of resources.

The Seerene Digital Boardroom offers corporate leadership an unparalleled ability to manage and control a company's software organization. It bridges the communication gap between the business and technical departments in a way mere software tools cannot.

2. Software Development Visualizations

The modern corporation often has millions of lines of code. No one developer, no matter his/her level of competence, could ever even begin to fully comprehend the entirety of the code. The Seerene Platform includes one-of-a-kind Software Maps, which make the code understandable by visualizing the code. IT managers use Software Maps to identify and solve:

  • Knowledge monopolies: Areas of code where only one developer is familiar with the code, meaning that his sudden absence could endanger project deadlines.
  • Technical Debt: Highly complex code that accumulates as developers take shortcuts to meet deadlines. Technical Debt can severely slow down productivity as developers have to spend more time trying to comprehend the code before they can work in it.
  • Areas with many defects: Problem areas of the code may need additional attention and investment.
  • Best practices: Discover what developer teams produce especially high quality work or especially efficiently. Take their best practices and apply them throughout the organization to improve productivity.

Software Map


3. Drill-Downs and Actionable Insights

Whereas the Digital Boardroom serves the C-Suite and the Software Maps empower IT-Managers, Drill-Downs and Actionable Insights streamline the efficiency and effectiveness of individual developers and teams. The IT experts within your organizations can drill down into problematic trends within your KPIs or Software Maps to reveal the root cause. Perhaps it's a code component that's too complex? Perhaps an outside vendor team? Or maybe a missing test case.

Regardless of what the root cause is, with the Seerene Platform your software experts have an arsenal of tools for actionable insights so they can easily identify and solve a negative trend before it jeopardizes projects or deadlines. This simplifies software project management. Removing defects and technical debt can be more easily identified and removed. These Actionable Insights, combined with the Digital Boardrooms and Software Maps, result in gains of efficiency of at least 30% for most large software organizations.


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