Seerene reveals and monitors elements of your software engineering that have a crucial impact

  • Speed


    Release software faster.

  • Quality


    Deliver more reliable software.

  • Cost-Effectiveness


    Use effectively your software budget.

By applying a data-driven approach to software engineering, we constantly operate in the sweet spot of quality and productivity.

Frank Bieser
Frank Bieser
Head of Development and Sourcing, S IT Solutions (Member of Erste Group)

You're in good company

You're in good company

Success Story: ZL Associates Consulting

One of the largest government agencies in Europe operates its most important business processes with several core applications. In recent years, these software systems have been developed mainly in cooperation with external providers; As a consultancy, ZL Associates collaborated with Seerene from summer 2016 to analyse the quality of the software and its development process and to improve risk management, minimise the outage risk and create more transparency regarding future development.

The results showed that thanks to Seerene each operational unit benefited hugely from the visibility offered by the platform.

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The IT Solutions Provider of  Erste Bank Group Austria
ZL Associates

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Seerene can be applied independently whether you develop with agile or waterfall methodology. Furthermore, it is applicable to all types of software development: IT applications, software products, mobile apps, embedded systems. No matter whether you develop software as a small team or as a large enterprise, Seerene’s analytics helps you to mature and optimize your organization. Please contact us if you have questions on how to best integrate Seerene’s analytics within your infrastructure and processes. Our team will elaborate with you the optimal solution.

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