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Study: AI for Software Engineering

Seerene and the Hasso-Plattner-Institute for Digital Engineering (HPI) will pioneer a new, year-long study in a move to harness the power of Artificial intelligence (AI) in software engineering.
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A Digital Boardroom for Software Management

Seerene's software analytics platform is a digital boardroom for software management that provides real-time, understandable, objective insights into software development processes and activities for decision makers.

Once connected to your software project, the Seerene platform automatically collects data about source code, source code repositories, software development tools, ticket and bug management systems and other sources of software project data.

The Seerene platform considers all stages of a typical software development production pipeline, including coding, code reviews, testing, deployment and operations. As a unique feature, the Seerene platform sees code and people together as key dimensions of system development and evolution, merging the data into a high-dimensional analytics information space.

The Seerene Digital Boardroom acts as a central reporting, control and management system in which the various factors and their interactions in software development are optimally tailored to the respective company situation. For example, it supports software management for typical fields of tension between time, technical debt, volume and output quality.

Seerene's Software Analytics Solutions

See here a number of exemplary application scenarios that illustrate how Seerene improves and optimizes software management. 


Making Software Development Manageable

After 50 years of "software crisis", Seerene is the first to enable companies to manage, control, and optimize their end-to-end software management –a complex industrial manufacturing process– and deliver reliable, dependable, and affordable software systems on a consistent basis.

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Mastering the Risks in Software Development

Seerene reveals risks across the whole IT landscape by helping all responsible understand the key risk factors at all stages, and by giving them the information that they need to manage risks throughout all phases of the software manufacturing process appropriately.

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Ensuring Stable Software Releases

Seerene keeps track of a wide range of technical characteristics such as source code metrics and non-technical characteristics such as development activities to help visualize, evaluate, and document the quality and maturity of software product releases. 

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Migrating Legacy Code Accurately

Legacy software often consumes large companies’ budgets without providing the reliability and flexibility needed in the digital world.  For this reason, migrating legacy software is common within digital transformation processes (e.g., SAP S/4 HANA migrations). Migration involves many stages, many of which involve decisions over complex matters: which applications should be migrated first, how to assess risks and efforts, etc. Seerene provides precise, data-driven analysis for all migration processes of legacy systems.

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Evaluating Software Assets during Due Diligence

Seerene provides powerful instruments for you to evaluate and document the various software-related assets during a typical due diligence process accurately and objectively. At the cut-off date, such important appendices can be created automatically and legally bound into contracts. Seerene's platform not only reveals the as-is state of the code base, but also documents the system's evolution and analyzes the contributions made by software developer teams.

Software Forensics

When it comes to critical situations during the execution of a software project, software forensics help to clarify technical and team-related issues. Seerene's software analytics can go back into the project's history, mining and analyzing all the information found in software repositories. This way, it provides an objective view of the past to explain the present and to outline options for the future.

AI-Assisted Software Management

AI radically reinterprets data about software; source code is considered a kind of human expression that leads to artificial artefacts. In this frame, AI, machine learning and deep learning can be very powerful, helping to compute effective quality metrics in source code that surpass all past approaches. AI helps predict efforts and risks based on past knowledge of the software development history of a single company.

Digital Boardroom for Software Management

Provide decision-makers with real-time, understandable, objective insights into software development processes and activities. With the Seerene Digital Boardroom for Software Management, software development is monitored, analyzed, evaluated and documented. Close the gap between the world of software experts and the world of C-level management. Transform steering meetings with unique map-based access to the non-tangible, complex data about software systems and software development processes, bringing a better consensus and outcome.


Software Analytics for All Application Domains

Seerene's SaaS-based analytics platform works across all application domains, independently of the programming languages, IDEs, software methodology, software technology stacks and software frameworks used. Seerene’s analytics can be customized to the specific needs, rules, and customers of software development found in a company.  

Seerene’s platform can be integrated seamlessly in any software development landscape, step-by-step.  The software analytics fit perfectly to complex software projects. Complexity can result from the a high number of involved developers, from a high frequency of builts-per-day, from a large code base, or from the process-induced structures. If one or more criteria are met, Seerene's software analytics will improve your software management successfully.


A Selection of our Enterprise Customers




Customers have turned to Seerene to optimize their software delivery for SAP, with whom we maintain a co-innovation partnership and assist with their internal process. We give support to SAP customers with the three key areas of securing high volumes of releases, migrating to SAP S/4HANA and assessing vendor performance. 

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Agile Software Development

Agile Software Development

Tackle the challenges of adopting Agile structures for your company with Seerene, which gives you information about your codebase and coding activity that tells you where to make adjustments and smart investments that accelerate your company's adoption of an Agile structure.

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Embedded Software

Seerene works with clients in sectors like the automotive industry to help them work with their embedded software development spaces. Precise analytics filter to the relevant code and integrate with precompiled directives, metrics for code and software development and end-to-end visibility, helping teams make informed decisions and achieve quality milestones.

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A Selection of Customers that have created Value with our Standard Product


"By applying a data-driven approach to software engineering, we constantly operate in the sweet spot of quality and productivity."


Frank Bieser 
Head of Development and Sourcing, S IT Solutions (Member of Erste Group)

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New in Seerene: Releases

As a significant part of a company’s reputation is based on the quality of the software that is shipped or deployed to production, release managers or quality managers bear the responsibility of ensuring that bad quality doesn’t have a negative impact.

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