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Today, every business depends on mission-critical software. By providing our clients revolutionary new insights & analytics into software, code & teams, they can for the first time actively drive IT change, balance productivity and innovation while massively reducing risk and increasing transparency.



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Featured Customer Success

“Now I can finally see what I am getting for my annual, double digit million dollar 3rd party consulting deal and if the deal is good for me or the consultants”

“I can put now black or white KPI’s into my SLAs with 3rd party system integrators”

“We won a double digit million dollar migration deal back from the competition once we were able to show the customer a seerene map – which supported our migration approach of a rewrite”

“This is the holy grail in software management and code & team management

“I have the potential of a 12M / annum efficiency improvement in my development team – just by improving existing code – efficiencies that I can transform into innovation!

“Finally, I can show my manager how complicated our existing code is and what we need to do to improve it!”



Hong Kong Economic Times reports about Seerene

In the article “Graphical visualization monitors software development” published on March 11, 2016, the Hong Kong Economic Times gives insights about Seerene and its enterprise software solution of the same name. Translation below the original post…

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Seerene wins automotiveIT Startup Factory challenge 2016

Seerene has been awarded the automotiveIT Startup Factory Challenge 2016 and selected to speak at automotiveIT Forum at Hanover Fair 2016. Franz Schubert, Seerene’s industrial and automotive specialist, will deliver the address. Nearly 200 top decision-makers in... read more


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