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Today, every business depends on mission-critical software. By providing our clients revolutionary new insights & analytics into software, code & teams, they can for the first time actively drive IT change, balance productivity and innovation while massively reducing risk and increasing transparency.



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Featured Customer Success

“Now I can finally see what I am getting for my annual, double digit million dollar 3rd party consulting deal and if the deal is good for me or the consultants”

“I can put now black or white KPI’s into my SLAs with 3rd party system integrators”

“We won a double digit million dollar migration deal back from the competition once we were able to show the customer a seerene map – which supported our migration approach of a rewrite”

“This is the holy grail in software management and code & team management

“I have the potential of a 12M / annum efficiency improvement in my development team – just by improving existing code – efficiencies that I can transform into innovation!

“Finally, I can show my manager how complicated our existing code is and what we need to do to improve it!”


seereneTM Management

Oliver Muhr

Marc Hildebrandt
Chairman & COO

Dr. Johannes Bohnet
Chief Customer Officer

Guido von Klitzing
Vice President Sales EMEA

Ada Fong
Head of Business Development (International)


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Seerene to Present at Cyberport Hong Kong

The Cyberport Hong Kong invited Seerene CEO Oliver Muhr as one of leading industry thought leaders, to present and share his insights as part of the ‘Smart-Talk Seminar Series’. Muhr will show case “How your company can code better than Google and avoid pitfalls... read more

Handelsblatt: The Software Doctor Is In

Handelsblatt, the leading German financial newspaper, reported today on Seerene. Deeming the solution “the software whisperer,” writer Axel Postinett discussed the increasing importance of software for any business and how seerene helps businesses uncover…

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