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Code+People Management

Executives have ERP for financial metrics and CRM for sales metrics, but when it comes to software it's hard to get transparency into providers, legacy apps, or software innovation. Seerene sets a new standard for how CIOs manage their most important asset – their codebase and engineering capacity.

Designed to meet the needs of the world’s largest and most innovative companies

Who uses Seerene?

CIOs & IT Executives
IT Service Providers
Engineering VPs
Management Consultants

Gain a portfolio view of your applications and development capacity

Codebase Effort Risk

Easy to implement, instant impact

Won't Slow You Down

Seerene analyzes data from your existing
systems so you won’t have to implement
any new processes.

Highly Secure

Fortune 500 companies trust Seerene.
It is delivered as a SaaS solution, and
absolutely no proprietary code or
confidential information leaves the firewall.

Set up in Minutes

It’s easy to set up and doesn’t require
any change in your employees’ behavior.
We can add an application in as little as 15
minutes with one call to a system administrator.

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