Talk by Prof. Jürgen Döllner: Applying Software Analytics in Software Engineering

May 24, 2019 12:58:48 PM

Speaking at the HPI NY Colloquium 2019, Prof. Jürgen Döllner gives an overview of of Software Engineering and Software Analytics. Moving through the question of how we might manage complex software systems he asks what it means to manage, and how we might define complexity. He outlines a few of the key challenges faced in this area, citing how a software-dependent society means that any risk present in software not only presents fundamental risk for a company, but for society as a greater whole.

Within this setting, data-driven software analytics offer potential for a new degree of accuracy, helping software engineering transgress its current boundaries where developers rely much on gut-instinct as they work to come to a form much closer to engineering in general, or, true engineering.

Part of the series HPI NY Colloquia (2019), date April 2, 2019.

Applying Software Analytics in Software Engineering