Software Strategy Needs Transparency

Apr 8, 2020 12:36:00 PM

How can complex corporate software systems become transparent for all stakeholders? Analyze, manage & improve application development anytime — anywhere. #RemoteWorking

The everyday working life of many companies is currently far from normal. Where distributed teams used to be the exception, they are now omnipresent. This poses particular challenges for organization and management. But there are innovative solutions that provide transparency and decision-making bases in such situations. As part of the Microsoft Partner Network, we offer, together with Microsoft Germany, workshops and consulting on remote working in software development with our platform.

Due to their complexity, modern business software systems defy holistic analysis. Over the years, companies have integrated a wide variety of specialized subsystems into a confusing Frankenstein that can no longer be centrally assessed or controlled. This almost inevitably leads to the fact that IT can no longer follow the strategic goals of management or the situational requirements of the market in an agile manner. Seerene offers a new category of software analytics that makes complex structures visible, comprehensible and reliable. It provides a single source of truth and enables management to strategically control it — anywhere in the world.

Tackle Challenges of Application Development

Software is of critical importance to any business and is quickly turning everything that surrounds us into something smart. But due to a lack of transparency, problems arise constantly:

At the same time, this provides a huge opportunity for companies, vendors and service providers to identify, implement and communicate significant improvements with targeted efforts in little time.

Common Foundation for Communication and Decisions

With Seerene, companies can instantly visualize their code landscape and all associated development processes — regardless of time and place.

In this way, they immediately turn on the light in the application development “black box“ and can quickly and easily:

  • Perform application landscape analysis
  • Identify and assess software development pain points
  • Achieve cost savings of over 30% in application development
  • Drastically reduce costs through transparency

The Seerene Platform for Software Analytics provides a digital boardroom for decision makers in software development thanks to functions for monitoring, controlling, benchmarking and goal setting. This not only addresses the needs of technical management, but also helps and supports executives to understand and reflect on software development processes.

–Prof. Dr. Jürgen Döllner, Hasse Plattner Institute, Potsdam

Software Map


Visualize Code Landscape and Development Efforts

Seerene provides a management platform that allows anyone to instantly understand, analyze and improve software applications and related development efforts across people, technologies, and code. As a spin-off of the Hasso Plattner Institute, an academic leader in the field of software visualization, Seerene provides cutting edge software analytics technology, and is used for efficiency improvement, legacy modernization, vendor steering as well as risk mitigation.

For more information, please contact your Microsoft Partner Manager or contact us directly. Alternatively, you can book a personal demo that shows you how transparency can tackle the challenges of remote working in software development. 

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