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Event: Software-Produktion aus Sicht der CFO

Brandon M. Lewis
Jul 15, 2022 4:34:00 PM

In the ever-evolving world of technology, the significance of software development in shaping business strategies and optimizing costs cannot be overstated. Recognizing this, the German Deep Tech Group and Seerene recently organized an exclusive event at the prestigious Deep Tech Villa in Potsdam. Executives, including CFOs and CXOs, gathered to engage in enlightening discussions on harnessing the potential of software development organizations. With presentations from industry pioneers such as Dr. Johannes Bohnet, Christina Meier, Dr. Martina Niemann, and Arlene Bühler, this event truly unveiled the secrets to unlocking efficiency and innovation in the digital age.

CFO Event Audience   2022 CFO Event Speakers Marc Hildebrandt 

  1. "Unlocking Efficiency Potentials of Software Development Organizations" Dr. Johannes Bohnet, Co-CEO & Founder of Seerene, captivated the audience with his thought-provoking presentation. Audience members gained valuable insights into leveraging data analytics, automation, and AI to enhance productivity, identify bottlenecks, and optimize resource allocation. Dr. Bohnet's expertise shed light on the immense potential of streamlining software development, ultimately empowering organizations to reach new heights of efficiency and success.
  2. "Software Factory – A Mindset Change in the Automotive Industry" In a world where cars are rapidly becoming advanced technology platforms, Christina Meier, CFO of Elektrobit & Argus, emphasized the importance of adopting a software-centric approach to automotive manufacturing. She highlighted the transformative power of shifting mindsets to view software development as an integral part of the production process. Meier's insights left attendees inspired to reimagine the automotive industry's future, where software integration is a catalyst for innovation and customer-centricity.
  3. "Software Produktion aus Sicht der CFO - Digitalisierung & Automatisierung bei der DB Cargo AG" Dr. Martina Niemann, CFO, and Arlene Bühler, CIO/CDO, of DB Cargo AG, shared their expertise in a joint presentation. As leaders in the transportation and logistics sector, they shed light on the digitalization and automation strategies employed by DB Cargo AG. Attendees gained valuable insights into how CFOs can champion digital initiatives and drive software production forward. Dr. Niemann and Bühler's presentation showcased the pivotal role of collaboration between CFOs and technology leaders in shaping the future of organizations.

Master Classes: Unleashing the Full Potential

Fortunately, the knowledge shared at the event wasn't limited to only the audience that day, but rather captured in the form of master classes. These intimate sessions provided executives with actionable takeaways to drive change within their own organizations. From optimizing software development processes to embracing a software-centric mindset, the master classes can empower you to unlock the full potential of your software development initiatives.

By filling out the form below, you'll gain access to the in-depth presentations delivered by renowned experts in the field. Delve into topics such as unlocking efficiency potentials, adopting a software-centric mindset in the automotive industry, and driving digitalization and automation strategies forward. These master classes offer actionable takeaways and valuable guidance that can transform the way you approach software development, strategic planning, and cost optimization.

2022 CFO Event Marc Hildebrandt  Christina Meier CFO Elektrobit Argus BIG  Dr. Johannes Bohnet, Founder bei Seerene GmbH

Watch the Master Classes now:

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