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Seerene on 'AI in practice - How can it be monetized?'

Sep 23, 2020 1:33:27 PM



Join us for our „Handelsblatt KI Summit” event on 29th September 2020, 11.00-12.30.

You can register for free here:


The possibilities of AI applications exceed the limits of what is traditionally possible. This automatically catches interest of decision makers in the economy. However, the discussion around adopting AI is often charged with myths around the following questions: What are the challenges of monetizing AI? How can AI be successfully used in practice?

In this digital event we give insight into business practice of successfully dealing with specific AI products and services. Participants have the opportunity to benefit from the hands-on experience of the speakers and to actively discuss specific topics.


bohnetDr. Johannes Bohnet
Founder & Co-CEO Seerene

haleckerProf. Dr. Bastian Halecker
CEO & Founder Nestim, Professor für BWL, Innovationsmanagement
& Entrepreneurship, Beuth TH Berlin

hildebrandtMarc Hildebrandt
CEO & Founder, German Deep Tech

hollburgHenning Hollburg
Founder & Managing Director, Targomo

schoenemannPatrick Schönemann
CEO & Managing Director, Targomo

Oliver Viel
Director of Marketing & Business Development,
German Deep Tech & Seerene


  • 11:00 - Prof. Dr. Bastian Halecker
    Introduction: Too much solution for too few problems? Challenges of the application of KI in practice and the role of deep tech
  • 11:15 
  • 11:20 - Marc Hildebrandt, Oliver Viel
    From world-class research to monetization - How does value creation through AI work?
  • 11:45
  • 11:50 - Dr. Johannes Bohnet
    Digital Boardroom - How AI delivers strategically relevant data for management?
  • 12:05
  • 12:10 - Patrick Schönemann, Henning Hollburg
    Location Intelligence – How to effectively use the potential of georeferenced data
  • 12:25

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