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Executive Exchange 2023 - Master Classes
29. March 2023 - Videos & PowerPoints

Across industries, the significance of software production for value creation within corporations grows exponentially. The current generation of IT executives faces an almost superhuman task here as mediators between business and technology. Top executives were invited to an exclusive exchange among peers. Some of the key questions were:

  • How is the role of the CIO changing in the context of this hydra of tasks and dynamics?
  • How does he/she relate to the VUCA scenario in a modern software factory?
  • What lasting impact will the current economic crisis have on the evolution of software factories? 

Speakers' Quotes

Alexander Hofmann explains how to scale software production to an audience of CXOs in the HPI
Alexander Hofmann
"We've made the forecast that we have the power to increase our productivity by a factor of five by 2030... When I started as developer in 1996, I wrote software with languages like java and cobalt. They're still in place today. We built software from scratch. We had a productivity boost with open source and today we use a lot of prepared components... There are new kids in town – ChatGPT and CopilotX. I think they will lead to a revolution of software development."
Prof. Dr. Sikora explaining the progression of software development as a proper engineering discipline
Prof. Dr. Hermann Sikora
"There are many success factors for large companies. But in my opinion, there are only two existence factors. They are equity and software... For example, if one of these two factors are missing, you cannot have a bank. Software engineering is 100% business critical"
Dr. Johannes Bohnet

"We take the data that is already there in the software development infrastructure... What we see is there is a lot of inefficiency in software production. Actually it's really good news. This is potential. You have the people and if you can convert this into extra power, you'd have the same number of people, but could deliver more, deliver faster."
Mr. Rossbach presenting IT strategy at the HPI-1
Carsten Rossbach
"Everything that's happening has a direct impact on IT, such as the Ukraine war for example. It triggers across all corporate functions and all business units. It triggers change that then cascades into back into processes... You are suddenly faced with how to manage that transition."



Prof. Dr. Jürgen Döllner
Commencement speech
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Impetus Speech

Dr. Johannes Bohnet & Alexander Hofmann
"Increasing Productivity​ in a Highly Dynamic​ Software World"​
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Video of Dr. Johannes Bohnet & Alexander Hofmann

Prof. Dr. Hermann Sikora
"Are We Ready for the Software Factory?  
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Video of Prof. Dr. Sikora's Presentation

Carsten Rossbach
"Navigating IT in Volatile Times"
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 Video of Carsten Rossbach

Thomas Speck
"Transformation cannot succeed in the Comfort Zone – IT Repositioning to increase Performance and Resilience"
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Video of Thomas Speck's Presentation

Maik Krüger
"Powerful and Purposeful: From Classical Supplier IT to Performance IT" 
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Video of Maik Krüger's Presentation

Dr. Andreas Hamprecht
"Navigating the Road to Digital Business Transformation at Scale"
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Dr. Johannes Elsner
"Singularity Now – Building a Distributed Agile/Digital First Model"
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Jaroslav Bláha

"No Bit Unturned – How 6 Million Hotels Move Into the Cloud
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