Assess, Benchmark, and Monitor Your Portfolio of Software Factories

CIOs, IT Executives,
Product Owners

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Project Managers,
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Engineering Leaders

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You are responsible for a portfolio of “software factories” which are the organizations build around one software system and continuously create and adapt code to add features to the software system. Each software factory is more or less independent in their decisions how to “run” the factory. That is, they choose the tools, methods and programming languages that are best suited for building their software system.

Your job is to oversee your multiple software factories and make sure that all factories are performing better every day.

Your job is to spot software factories that require your management attention.

Your job is to define standards and best-practices that serve as guardrails for the individual software factories and make sure that the heterogeneity in your overall organization is kept at a manageable level.


The use case applies to larger-scale software development organizations that work on more than one software system.



You want to lead the overall organization to best performance. But how can you do this if you don’t even have means to assess the performance of an individual software factory?

You may have some KPIs that you observe for each software factory, such as costs (resources, money) or defect rates. But such KPIs are not helpful for your birds-eye view. Comparing software factories with these KPIs won’t create insights. It’s like comparing apples with oranges.



It would be extremely valuable in your situation to:

  • Measure the performance of each software factory in a comparable and objective way - in a sense you would want reasonable “fruit” KPIs that can be applied even if the individual software factories claim to be “apples” and “oranges”.
  • Monitor long-term trends across the portfolio of software factories so that you can observe if your portfolio-level guidelines and guardrails have a positive impact on the overall performance of your portfolio.
  • Identify best-in-class software factories in your overall organization so that you can foster best-practice sharing across your organization and lead your overall organization towards the optimum.

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