VentureTV interviewed Johannes Bohnet

Jan 23, 2015 | 傳媒報導

Last week the popular online magazine VentureTV conducted an extensive interview with seereneTM and presented different questions to its Founder & CCO Dr. Johannes Bohnet. Questions about aspects such as the establishment of the company, its business design or the upcoming international expansion. The founder and CCO of the SaaS service from Potsdam presented the story of seereneTM as well as its actual business approach and the further planned expansion.

In the German digital industry, VentureTV is a popular format and became known for its numerous video interviews with well-known entrepreneurs like dm-founder Götz Werner, Silicon Valley-size Andy Bechtolsheim, AWD founder Carsten Maschmeyer, or internet entrepreneur Oliver Samwer. The magazine was founded by André Vollbracht and made it its peculiarity to regularly address aspects from the digital entrepreneur environment based on compelling video and interview formats.

Johannes Bohnet gives insights on VentureTV

The pitch format of the magazine now also features Johannes Bohnet who answers the different questions and gives a deep insight into how seereneTM helps its clients to solve the central problem of software development: To make software, this important core of many business models, finally touchable and understandable. In order to explain this central principle of seereneTM more clearly, a short explanatory video describes the peculiarities of the service.

A large part of the interview focuses on the just started internationalization of the provider of software business intelligence and visual analytics. Both the background of the company and the further planned development of seereneTM are addressed and to what extent the US market is the start of a wider internationalization. How and why seereneTM has chosen the particular US market for its expansion, as well as some other interesting background information can be found in the complete interview at VentureTV (German only).

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