Software risks: Identifying development hotspots at a glance

Sep 1, 2012 | 傳媒報導

Software development is a risky undertaking which means high complexity and is therefore in the event of problems and crashes also associated with enormous costs. And since the subject of software risks is therefore very important for any software manager, the E3 magazine led an interview with Dr. Johannes Bohnet, Founder and CCO of seereneTM.

Identifying development hotspots and software risks

Often software managers until the end of development do not know, when where and which development hotspots and software risks are hidden. Existing methods and tools provide only an indication where software risks could hide and what consequences they may cause. This lack of transparency turns out even more striking when the existing software system has not been cared for by the person responsible for development or receives legwork by externals.

And since the problem of software risks has gained immense importance, Dr. Johannes Bohnet, Founder and CCO of seereneTM, outlines in an extensive interview with E3 magazine his view of things. In it, he explains in detail why the many previously existing test methods are not suitable to measure the quality of a software and to identify software risks.

Identifying software risks using software maps

Above all, Dr. Johannes Bohnet also goes into detail about a smart alternative to this deplorable state and the risk of software risks: prescriptive software analytics, which analyzes the program code in real time using data mining methods and displays the results graphically based on software maps.

By using just such a procedure, seereneTM is able to encounter various scenarios of software development, such as where safety tests should be distributed, how to uncover complex interconnections and reveal dependencies or identifying and locating software risks.

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