Software mining: analyzing and understanding complex software

Jun 13, 2013 | 傳媒報導

In an analytical article for the IT magazine Wirtschaftsinformatik & Management Dr. Johannes Bohnet, Founder & CCO of seereneTM, focuses on software mining as a solution to the dilemma of developing complex software systems. By finally providing real, clear and understandable knowledge of software systems software mining offers entirely new opportunities for IT professionals.

Software Mining for complex software projects

Software mining also analyzes complex software projects with methods of data mining and creates critical links between the source code of the project, the dynamic runtime analysis and the evolutionary analysis of existing repositories. The results are visualized via software maps that provide valuable knowledge about complex code spots of the project to all participants.

In detail, Dr. Bohnet points out, how the software maps obtained via software mining function as an early warning system and ultimately lead to more knowledge about the software project and, thus, greater efficiency. Software risks can be minimized which leads in reverse to an equally significant reduction of delays, maintenance costs and failures.

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