Software development processes fully in view – with software maps

Jun 4, 2012 | 傳媒報導

For a special edition of S@PPORT, an expert magazine for decision-making to select, install and operate SAP solutions, Dr. Johannes Bohnet, Founder & CCO of seereneTM wrote an article these days in which he treated in detail how project managers can optimize the development of SAP applications based on software maps.

Challenges in software development

The problem is well known: Software systems are highly complex in itself and gain further opacity over time. Two years and 50,000 lines of code later even experienced senior developers struggle to orientate themselves in their own software buildings. The original architecture begins to gradually dissolve and additional attachments, degenerated program structures or prohibited component relationships complicate the structure additionally.

Such tendencies within software development combine no bad intentions, but often software projects stand under high time pressure, which then quickly leads to “supposedly quick hacks” – as well as follow-cost, if it shows that the source code is not to be understood and the efforts for adjustments soar.

Software maps help solving the problem

To avoid scenarios of this kind, Dr. Johannes Bohnet has therefore broken down in detail what project managers need to know, if they want to optimize the development of SAP applications. And these designs are not just limited to SAP applications, but can be seamlessly applied to other areas of software development.

These remarks about the application of software maps in software development include answers to questions such as: Where are the risks of software errors in the source code? Where are the development hotspots that cause unnecessary costs? What code quality do external service providers supply? All these and other questions can be answered on the basis of software maps. Fed by analysis of the source code, the runtime environments and development activities software maps allow a comprehensive view of the software development.

» Read the complete article (PDF, German only)

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