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Apr 30, 2015 | 傳媒報導

The popular online magazine, one of the most relevant magazines of the German internet industry, these days introduced the features of seereneTM from seereneTM company and showed in detail how IT managers can use the tool to gain a holistic overview of their development that will lead to massive increases in efficiency. One aspect particularly impressed the editors of Deutsche Startups: the high quality of seereneTM’s software visualization.

seereneTM from the perspective of startups and internet companies

Being tailored to the needs of IT managers seereneTM is of course not only interesting for pure software companies or companies with a strong software component, but especially for internet companies and startups. And with this same innovative startup target group in mind Deutsche Startups, one of the most sought magazines of the internet scene, these days took a close look at seereneTM’s platform.

The result: The systematic and automated analysis of enormous code accumulations shows problematic code spots in detail and in real time, and uses Software Maps for stunning visualizations of the code landscape. Also, the magazine liked the company’s history as the origin as a spin-off of the Hasso Plattner Institute, the university center of excellence for software engineering, clearly underlines the scientific background of seereneTM.

seereneTM fits startups and internet companies ideally

In combination with Software Maps and based on Predictive and Prescriptivs Software Analytics the CIO Cockpit of seereneTM provides decision support for (startup) managers who aim to increase the efficiency of their software projects. This becomes possible for startups by detecting and diagnosing problems, through the assessment and evaluation of solutions, as well as via the monitoring of the effects of precipitated decisions in software development.

So far, already well-known companies such as Adidas, Volkswagen, SAP, Deutsche Post or Lufthansa Systems are among the customers of seereneTM. With this recent publication in the startup industry now even more startups and internet companies are likely to become part of the customer base of the Potsdam company. Especially startups have significant potential for efficiency improvements gained by means of seereneTM‘s insights in software development – especially in the early phase of the corporate structure, where a high-quality and scalable software architecture is of immense importance.

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