Seerene wins automotiveIT Startup Factory challenge 2016

Apr 21, 2016 | 新聞稿

Seerene has been awarded the automotiveIT Startup Factory Challenge 2016 and selected to speak at automotiveIT Forum at Hanover Fair 2016. Franz Schubert, Seerene’s industrial and automotive specialist, will deliver the address. Nearly 200 top decision-makers in automotive production, logistics and IT are expected to attend the event, which takes place on April 27th.

“We are delighted to receive this recognition from automotiveIT Magazine and are happy to share our insights on Industry 4.0 – Future Factory,” said Oliver Muhr, CEO of Seerene. “Manufacturing companies need to get their internal production and logistics software ready in order to capitalize on the opportunities of digitalization. Code and software drives innovation and speed within an automotive company and is already at the core of its business success. Seerene helps businesses to identify productivity increases that then can be transformed into agility, innovation and increased competitiveness.”

With a prestigious client roster that includes automotive industry juggernauts, Seerene is a leading provider of advanced analytics that lets IT executives assess a system’s current state and the future viability of its applications, take action, and monitor the progress – all in only a few minutes. By offering insights that are highly visual and easy to understand, Seerene helps manufacturers and service providers accurately forecast progress, quickly make decisions, and confidently drive change across all software stacks, teams and technologies.

In his talk, Schubert will demonstrate that advanced analytics is the next phase in the evolution of software management and development. Not only does Seerene spot capacity drains and complexities that slow processes down, but it also calculates how great financial costs will be if those complexities are not dealt with. This can be done for software developed internally or externally, and is a game-changing solution for the non-technical C-level executive suite which, until now, had limited visibility into the state of IT.

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