Seerene uses Hong Kong as its regional headquarters

Feb 16, 2016 | 新聞稿

Seerene, announced today (February 16) that it has opened its regional headquarters in Hong Kong as part of its expansion plan in the Asia-Pacific region.

Seerene provides an advanced data analytics platform that analyses and visually presents all data of any complex software to increase transparency and productivity, as well as decrease risks. It also provides revolutionary insights and analytics into mission-critical software to help enterprises, information technology (IT) services companies and regulators gain insights into applications, code and teams. According to the CEO, Mr. Oliver Muhr, Hong Kong was the first choice of consideration when his company was identifying a suitable location for its Asian hub in the region.

Muhr said, “Hong Kong is an international and vibrant city with a reliable legal system, as well as a deep pool of talent with an ideal mix of locals and expats. Together with its international financial hub status, it provides immediate access to financial institutions and global corporations, which are our target customers. The city has all the ingredients we need for our Asian expansion.”

Muhr added, “We will recruit more local talent and channel partners in Hong Kong to support our expansion in the region. The initial key markets include Mainland China, Singapore, Japan, Korea and India, where software development and outsourcing are key focus areas.”

Associate Director-General of Investment Promotion, Mr. Charles Ng, said, “Hong Kong, as one of the leading business hubs in the world, has attracted not only multinationals but also small and medium-sized enterprises. Their demand for software services is very strong. It is the best hub for information and communications technology companies where they can serve their clients across Asia.”

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