Quality assurance in software development

Apr 16, 2013 | 傳媒報導

The recognized technology journal Computerwoche these days devoted an article to the question, to what extent and why software managers often find it difficult to identify quality risks in software development. It also sheds light on how seereneTM intends to solve this problem with its holistic approach.

High costs and time pressure in software development

Quickly it is realized that software development can be a thankless task. After all, it often happens that budgets in the six- or even seven figures range are at stake during software development, while immense time pressure and highly complex software systems complicate the process further. Correspondingly high is the number of failed software development projects and thus the need for a technology as offered by seereneTM.

To illustrate the problem, Computerwoche offers different striking examples of failed software development such as the late delivery of the new super train Velaro D ICE 3 or incidents arount a debit card problem at Commerzbank. Then, the magazine presents seereneTM‘s solutions as a meaningful approach to the software development dilemma. So far, code reviews are a complex but useful procedure in software development, which is however lifted to a completely new (and other) level by seereneTM. In detail Computerwoche describes how the analysis of the code and the subsequent visualization of the problems via software maps is realized by seereneTM.

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