Qiagen visualizes software development in 3D

Sep 18, 2014 | 傳媒報導

With software maps the biotech company Qiagen visualizes the source code of its application development in real time. As experience shows, 3D software maps improve code quality.

A glance. A glance is all Stefan Küsters needs to tell whether there is a potential weak point in the code of his applications. Küsters is Associate Director Software at Qiagen, a Dutch provider of sample and testing technologies for molecular diagnostics, academic researchers, pharmaceutical industry and applied testing. He is also responsible for the quality assurance of software that controls the instruments for automated preparation and analysis of biological samples of the international company headquartered in the Netherlands.

“Our products must meet the highest requirements in medical applications. We cannot afford failures due to software errors,” says Küsters. To meet these requirements, Qiagen uses seereneTM, which conveys an intuitive overview by visualizing software with its interactive software maps. In an extensive article, CIO magazine describes how this procedure works in daily business and what benefits can be derived from this practice.

Qiagen and a black box called software

So far, software has basically been a black box. Test methods could lead to some degree of safety, but software could not yet be easily inspected. CIO magazine therefore portrayed Qiagen and tells about the company’s strategy of solving this relevant issue.

“Just as in the medical space X-rays are used for diagnostic purposes, we can now also use an imaging technique in software development,” describes Küsters the use of software maps in software development. Instead of long Excel lists he and his team now rely on seereneTM to easily have a view of their software in real time. Like a business intelligence system the solution collects all raw data, evaluates these using BI methods and presents the results in easy to understand software maps. The information is derived from tools and repositories which are created and used in the course of development. Among them, for example, the versioning system in which each code change of the developers is stored.

For further information on applying software maps to software development and why maintenance and programming become much easier in the course of development read the complete article in CIO magazine (German only).

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