Johannes Bohnet becomes Manager Magazin columnist

Jan 15, 2015 | 最新消息

With immediate effect, Dr. Johannes Bohnet, founder and Chief Customer Officer (CCO) of seereneTM, receives a personal column at Manager Magazin, a leading German business publication. He will write about topics in the area of software and IT management.

As founder and CCO of seereneTM, Dr. Johannes Bohnet is regularly in touch with complex software structures. The big data approach of his company aims at resolving the nuclear issue of IT: On the one hand software is the mission-critical base on which every business is built – think of factories, banks or insurance companies. On the other hand, software has no physical form and can be very difficult to review, analyze and therefore change. SeereneTM helps making the invisible software foundation visible by means of interactive Software Maps.

This way, all stakeholders in software development – from CIO to developer – are given the opportunity to grasp risks, costs and quality of their software and productivity of all participants in real time. In his Manager Magazine column, Dr. Bohnet will from now on regularly share this extensive knowledge of software relationships that he and his company could acquire over the years.

Topics related to software and IT Management

Dr. Bohnet´s column on will focus on topics related to software and IT management. He will describe the for non-experts often hidden interactions between economically relevant events and the software matrix that pervade businesses and society by now. What role does software in daily operations of relevant economic enterprises play? How vulnerable is software and what can be done to stabilize it?

These and other questions Bohnet will pursue in the further course of his column and hopes for a positive effect on his audience: “A regular column at Manager Magazin provides the ability to sensitize both, top managers and our society in general, for the important aspects of software on a very prestigious platform”, Johannes Bohnet describes his motivation behind the publication series. “This allows us to give back some of our long developed practical knowledge and at the same time build promising new synergies.”

His first post is about “The alarming supremacy of techies”, which was released on the 8th of January 2015.

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