Handelsblatt: The Software Doctor Is In

Jan 6, 2016 | 傳媒報導

Handelsblatt, the leading German financial newspaper, reported today on Seerene. Deeming the solution “the software whisperer,” writer Axel Postinett discussed the increasing importance of software for any business and how seerene helps businesses uncover problems in software. Seerene CEO Oliver Muhr sat down with Postinett in San Francisco for the article this past fall.

Excerpt: “Seerene, the German startup that examines IT systems, wants to teach even Google how to program better. Will it be the next billion-dollar company?

Enterprise software is a billion dollar risk due to the obsolete, defective and inscrutable nature of most of it. Software poses a threat to the global economy, but a German start-up plans to exorcise this danger …”

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