E-POST visualizes software landscapes

Oct 9, 2013 | 傳媒報導

In an extensive article CIO magazine has addressed to what extent software maps allow to win and evaluate data on IT activities and trends in application landscapes. Following the logic of urban metaphors, the challenges of software development in terms of software risks were discussed, using an application example of E-Post, which has seereneTM in use.

How E-Post encounters software risks

At the end of the day it is finally in the nature of software to be highly complex and, thus, intangible for CIOs and IT managers, who face challenges if they aim to make valid decisions for their application environments – but in the end they have to. For how the state of IT really looks like and where the points at which software risks potentially lead to dangerous situations, is difficult to say and asks for high costs. The bottom line is that software code remains a black box.

For Oliver Zeiler, who holds as CTO of E-Post the technical responsibility for this division of Deutsche Post AG, this problem is well-known. As a solution, he relies on seereneTM, with which E-Post now visualizes its application environments and can account software risks at a glance. In addition to the comments regarding E-Post by CIO magazine seereneTM Founder & CCO Dr. Johannes Bohnet in a detailed interview also gives insight into the functioning of the system.

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