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Seerene – an AI-Based, Data-Driven Software Management Platform


Software development projects need to focus on critical system features, balance conflicting demands, and comprehend complex relationships among coding, developers and system evolution. Seerene’s software management platform helps addressing crucial tasks in software engineering for complex IT systems, and enables to take smarter decisions and at far less of a cost.

Running real-world software development projects often is similar to playing a labyrinth-like ball game. In that game, Seerene provides a stable reference frame for decision-making.


Making Software Development Manageable

For the first time, after 50 years of "software crisis", Seerene enables companies to manage, control, and optimize their software management – a complex industrial manufacturing process – as well as to consistently deliver reliable, dependable, and affordable software systems.

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Mastering Software Development Risks

Seerene reveals risks across the whole IT landscape by helping all responsible at all stages to understand the key risk factors and giving them the information that they need to appropriately manage risks throughout all phases of the software manufacturing process.

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Ensuring Stable Software Releases

Seerene keeps track of a wide range of technical characteristics such as source code metrics and non-technical characteristics such as development activities to help visualize, evaluate, and document the quality and maturity of software product releases.

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Migrating Legacy Code Accurately

Legacy software often consumes large companies’ budgets without providing the reliability and flexibility needed in the digital world. For it, migrating legacy software is common within digital transformation processes (e.g., SAP S/4 HANA migrations). Migration involves many stages, many of which involve decisions over complex matters: which applications are migrated first, how to assess risks and efforts, etc.? Seerene provides precise, data-driven analysis for all migration processes of legacy systems.

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Evaluating Software Assets during Due Diligence

Seerene provides powerful instruments to accurately and objectively evaluate and document the various software-related assets during a typical due diligence process. On the cut-off date, such important appendices can be automatically created and legally bound into contracts. Seerene's platform reveals not only the as-is state of the code base but also documents the system's evolution and analyzes the contributions of software developer teams.

Software Forensics

When it comes to critical situations during the execution of a software project, software forensics help to clarify technical and team-related issues. Seerene's software analytics can go back into the project's history, mining and analyzing all the information found in software repositories. This way, it provides an objective view of the past to explain the present and to outline options for the future.

AI-Assisted Software Management

AI radically reinterprets data about software: Source code is considered a kind of human expression that leads to artificial artefacts. This is where AI, in particular, machine learning and deep learning, becomes really powerful and helps to compute effective quality metrics in source code that surpass all past approaches. AI helps predict efforts and risks based on past knowledge of the software development history of a single company.

Digital Boardroom for Software Management

Give decision-makers real-time, understandable and objective insights into software development processes and activities. With the Seerene Digital Boardroom for Software Management software development is monitored, analyzed, evaluated and documented. Close the gap between the world of software experts and the world of C-level management. Transform steering meetings with unique map-based access to the non-tangible, complex data about software systems and software development processes for better outcomes and consensus.

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