“The Hundert” Interview with Johannes Bohnet

Jun 25, 2014 | Press Coverage

The Hundert may well be regarded as one of the emerging print magazines of the German digital industry. In its May issue the technology magazine now features an extensive interview with seereneTM Founder & CCO Dr. Johannes Bohnet who vividly presents the features and the development of the young company from Potsdam.

Johannes Bohnet about seereneTM

In his interview with The Hundert Dr. Johannes Bohnet describes in detail what makes seereneTM the world’s first solution (SaaS or on-premise) that allows IT managers to manage their software development in-time, in-budget and in high quality. In addition to essential business information such as the target group of the company, the anticipated market or the development of the business idea, he also describes how seereneTM uses big data technologies to make hidden data treasures in the IT infrastructure finally accessable. This way, all stakeholders of the software development – from the board member about the CIO to the developer – revceive an unique overview of their code landscape in an intelligible form, thanks to interactive 3D software maps.

In addition to assessing seereneTM´s approach of Software Analytics, Dr. Bohnet is also talking freely about the future development of the company which will in particular include the expansion into the US software market.

» Read the complete Interview (German only)

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