Due to a lack of visibility across their full software development chain, companies suffer from a lack of awareness of where their greatest strengths and weaknesses lie.
Increasing productivity depends on capitalising on the biggest opportunities to increase speed and efficiency.
Noticing these opportunities allows you and your team to decide upon an optimum work structure that addresses shortfalls in speed and quality, which can be standardised across every team and location.

Due to a general lack of visibility across the software development chain, companies lack a clear view of the strengths and weaknesses of their software systems. Seerene provides exactly that, with insights into every stage of the ongoing software development process. Accelerate the speed and efficiency of software development, see your projects reach their milestones and strive for innovation.

To optimize performance,
you need to see where it’s falling short

To boost software development performance, a team’s current effort and progress must be evaluated objectively. Seerene gives the timely, accurate metric-based software analytics needed for fact-based assessment.

Use Seerene’s project views, software maps and dashboards, to monitor progress in software development from the inside-out.

Identify needs for focus and build your strategy

  • Figure out value with Seerene

    Figure out value with Seerene

    End-to-end visibility allows software development teams to settle on exactly what’s happening where, allowing you to decide on areas for focus and on where resources should be applied.

  • Evaluate development strategy

    Evaluate development strategy

    Using Seerene’s metric-based evaluations of your team’s performance, adjust the balance of engineers and tasks to ensure that strengths are paired with the appropriate code, and ensure that time is being spent on the right areas.

  • Standardize across all teams

    Standardize across all teams

    With the strategy decided, implement it across all teams and locations to bring the workflow to a single rhythm. Ensure shared knowledge to promote cohesion and long-term progress for your organisation.

Reconcile differences between different teams in various development locations by observing trend lines and establishing best practices, which can be shared and standardized to ensure uniform progress across the entire company.

Unveil hidden impediments that are leading to a lag in speed and productivity and address them at their source and prevent the same issue from hindering performance again.
Associate code with the author by tracking changes and their effects, allowing you to address issues with the developer and reward progress.
Receive instant metrics about your implementation and implementation activities, and adapt your workflow to keep a focus on the current priorities.
Metric-based evaluations of a software team’s performance allows you to evaluate speed, quality and cost-effectiveness on an objective basis.
Use Seerene’s project view to evaluate progress and the application view to get specific trend lines, allowing you to define targets and settle on a strategy that keeps you on-track.
Standardize across all teams and countries, ensuring that effort unites towards a common goal.
Seerene integrates seamlessly with an existing IT tool landscape, allowing you to get the most out of your existing technology stack as you strive for total improvement.

Mentor engineers for refactoring system implementations to achieve future productivity, keeping you ahead of the game.

Boost your Performance with Seerene.

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Boost your Performance with Seerene.