Studies have shown that developers feel productive when they can work without interruption.
Developers commonly spend around 20 % of their time on solving unplanned issues.
Seerene’s software analytics highlights defects across the development chain, enabling their instant removal and a retained focus.

Getting your software development process to a state of maximum productivity involves more than simply having a team of motivated software engineers. Increasing your entire team’s productivity means that the developers must be able to commit quality code more often and touch a greater number of code units: both of which rely upon having the full transparency of a codebase that indicates every unit requiring attention.

See what’s happening, as it happens, and trace the effect to the cause.

Seerene’s software analytics provides end-to-end visibility – from requirements, to coding, to deployments. It reveals areas in the codebase with excessive amounts of complexity, flags up areas of missing documentation, and indicates modules at risk of suffering from knowledge monopoly. Software professionals can then target these areas in the code to ensure that they don’t end up causing delays and slow down the team.

End-to-end visibility guarantees accountability and traceability of issues, ensuring that the same bugs and issues never repeat themselves and that development effort reaches beyond maintenance towards innovation.

Tackle unseen obstacles

  • Remove obstacles slowing developers

    Remove obstacles slowing developers

    Reduce implementation complexity, improve scalability and tackle the issue of stale branches that cause merge conflicts and delay productivity. Have your team commit often and understand the importance of each commit.

  • Cohesive team focus

    Cohesive team focus

    Prevent disputes between developers and reduce delays with objective data, which shows which impediments to prioritize. Observe trend lines in your software development, address risks and find an optimal balance for your team.

  • Stay Profitable

    Stay Profitable

    Avoid costly content switches by establishing priorities and repaying technical debt promptly. Understand the root cause of delays and address issues at the source, preventing a repeat occurrence and allowing focus to face forwards.

Identify the culprits holding back your team’s productivity

Narrow down the root cause of issues, bridge communication gaps between different software engineering teams and reduce rework on the effort spent on identifying and fixing bugs. Observe trend lines and establish best practices, which can be shared to improve the team’s overall performance.

Concise software analytics and software visualization allow you to reduce complexity, commit more often and complete regular code reviews.
Track developer contribution by the number of commits, code units touched and the tickets touched.
Pair or group programmers to balance contribution and productivity among various projects.
Fix code units more prone to errors as part of refactoring.
Address missing documentation of code to increase readability for new software engineers.
Drill into maps to find the commits that led to an increase in complexity.
Associate changes in the code with the author and mentor struggling engineers in weekly 1:1s.

Keep an eye on overall missing documentation for your repository, and use software maps to identify excessive complexity that leads to future buggy code and a longer time needed for engineers to deliver. See how much of your developers’ effort is pouring into complex code in Application Details, check whether this can be lowered by addressing the complexity, and ensure that this impediment is removed for the effort to focus on achieving set goals.

Seerene gives you the path to heightening your developer productivity by acknowledging that productivity does not simply depend on working long hours: it relies upon committing as much quality code as possible within a set amount of time. By providing instantaneous metrics that take into account the amount of effort and the nature of the commits within a specific time bucket, the platform helps you to understand how you could change your development how you could change your development process, and where to implement changes in order to ensure that all developer effort converts to positive change for the codebase.

Discover new heights of productivity with Seerene

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Discover new heights of productivity with Seerene