Software quality: When developers make too many mistakes

Oct 8, 2012 | Press Coverage

What to do when software developers lately often exceed deadlines and too many bugs are simply overlooked? How to bring in a higher software quality into software development without losing too much time? These and other questions on the subject of software quality were answered from Dr. Johannes Bohnet, Founder and CCO of seereneTM, in a Computerwoche article these days. It was also closely examined to what extent the urge for many features coupled with little time can quickly become an expensive problem.

Software quality is a complex undertaking

It is a complex interaction that can quickly turn software development into a vicious cycle for businesses where the lack of software quality produces high costs: Too often companies reward those developers who produce the most new functionality in the shortest time or these companies simply do not offer enough time to ensure an adequate software quality. Precisely this software quality of the resulting functions is thereby ultimately often ignored.

And more: the abstract, often “invisible” nature of software makes it difficult for executives to identify those sources with low software quality early which is why bugs and malfunctions often occur only after a while and both, cost and time budget, explode. The result: the project plans are constrained to run out of control.

Software quality saves time and money

In his talk with Computerwoche Dr. Johannes Bohnet describes that the essential high software quality knowledge can be obtained by visualizing all parts of the source code using software maps. When an executive sees in such a software map that a developer has built a function that is displayed as a red, collapse endangered skyscraper, he knows immediately that this function is indeed installed, but is far from finished with the necessary software quality.

The necessary software quality has been achieved should the developer manage to refine the program part in such a way that there is finally a blue single-family house, which stands firmly on the ground and is inserted into the entire infrastructure. Thus, then only those developers should be honored who have programmed many features with high software quality in short time and tested them. Of course, this focus on software quality procedures requires a little more time at the beginning of a software project, but this is intentional. Because the focus on high software quality saves a lot of money and time in the end as this backlog for higher software quality pays off no later than half of the project: The project remains on schedule and the developers are often even faster than thought.

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