Software errors: Cheap software can become really expensive

Nov 27, 2012 | Press Coverage

In a recent article the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung documents how devastating, costly and extensive software errors can be for economy and society. From late delivered ICEs to bank customers without cash the newspaper highlights the consequences of inadequate software quality assurance and tells how seereneTM is successfully addressing the problem of software errors.

Expensive software errors and how to avoid them

The examples with which the FAZ highlights the high costs of software errors, thereby are quite clear: The newspaper quotes the case of Siemens’ ICE 3 trains where the delivery will be delayed because of a software error in the control software which leads to a delay in transporting commands. For the Munich-based company a software error that is likely to be a real dilemma.

Similarly striking is the example of the Royal Bank of Scotland, where a software error occured when updating a bank accounting software which then led to customers who were unable to send or receive referrals and could not withdraw cash.

Such examples directly convey that software errors represent a very relevant issue today that has to be dealt with. Therefore, the FAZ portrays seereneTM and shows not only how lack of test coverage and speed pressure lead to software errors, but also how to encounter this on the basis of software maps.

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