Seerene collaborates with SAP

Feb 10, 2014 | News

The goal of a newly started project form SAP, seereneTM and the Hasso Plattner Institute is to solve some of SAPs biggest technological challenges by means of visual analytics. SAP describes their challenges and the collaboration with seereneTM as follows.

“Standard enterprise software like Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems tend to be complex in many respects. They can comprise dozens of thousands of database tables, hundreds of thousands of classes, and millions of lines of code. Also, running business processes interconnects thousands of software components.
In many cases, large-scale development projects take several years and require distributed teams from all over the globe to collaborate, making such systems invaluable repositories of business-critical knowledge. It is for that complexity, that enterprise systems of that nature are too complex for any individual to grasp. Our project addresses this challenge by applying modern visualization methods to help facilitate the understanding and analysis of even huge amounts of correlated data and software components. In close collaboration with the Potsdam-based company seereneTM, we focus on three different scenarios: (1) database visualization, (2) source code visualization, and (3) dependency visualization.”

Further information about seereneTM´s SAP project is provided on the SAP website.

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