Seerene at CeBIT 2015

Mar 10, 2015 | Events

Under the motto “Data is the new oil” big data and cloud computing are one of the main topics of this year’s CeBIT. And since the Big Data era introduces some of the biggest challenges to the IT in its history, seereneTM will be present as a decided expert in Predictive and Prescriptive Software Analytics and help shaping the dialogue.

Learn about Predictive and Prescriptive Software Analytics at CeBIT

The term seereneTM Analytics provides a very intelligent connection of extensive big data-, visual-, predictive- and automated analyses, which is ideal for the motto of the CeBIT. Because based on the complex analysis of source code seereneTMgenerates important insights for IT decision makers who subsequently receive concrete recommendations for their software project provided via an intuitive CIO Dashboard.

Specifically, it looks like this: With seereneTM Analytics seereneTM analyzes the program code of its clients including development processes. The results of this complex software analysis which is based on business intelligence techniques can then be visualized via Software Maps to see hot spots and problem areas at a glance. Thus, seereneTM makes it very simple, to discover risks in the source code quickly.

In a next step, the CIO Dashboard of seereneTM provides specific instructions about how to address software risks, improve the quality of the source code, to get more performance out of software development, etc.

But find out about the strengths of seereneTM for yourself by meeting us at CeBIT! Find out what Predictive and Prescriptive Software Analytics has in store for you and how you can save 15% or more of your IT budget without sacrifices. How to find us at CeBIT.

Meeting seereneTM at CeBIT 2015

Represented by Mila Stavreva, Sales & Business Development Manager at seereneTM and responsible for the business development of the company, seereneTM visits the CeBIT 2015 in Hannover on the 16th and 17th of March 2015.

You can find us in the exhibition area and learn about the individual benefits and functions of seereneTM in person. We are at your disposal for business meetings. If you want to make an appointment in advance – preferably on the 16th or 17th of March – send us an e-mail to: We look forward to meeting you!

No ticket? SeereneTM takes you to the CeBIT 2015

You would like to meet us at CeBIT 2015, but do not have a ticket? No problem, please contact us and seereneTM takes you to the most important industry event of the year for free (!) and provides you with all necessary information on its solution in a personal meeting.

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