Review your software landscape with real-time satellite pictures

Nov 7, 2012 | Press Coverage

In an interview with Dr. Johannes Bohnet, Founder and CCO of seereneTM, gives insights to the complexity of software, talks about inefficient tests, and describes the ability to detect development focuses at a glance.

Software quality assurance for your software landscape

To create transparency in software development, is and will be for every IT manager an ongoing issue. Finally, the consequences of inadequate software quality asssurance fall back to the CIO. And lack of software quality asssurance can quickly be not only embarrassing, but also expensive. It is particularly difficult to manage the software landscape when parts were extracted from their creation and the responsible CIO does not know the processes within his own software landscape.

In an interview with Dr. Johannes Bohnet therefore explains exactly how companies can prevent the damage caused by a lack of software quality assurance in their software landscape and how seereneTM thereby becomes an important tool.

The need for software quality assurance of the software landscape is high

After all, experts and executives of the German IT industry estimate the annual economic damage caused by software errors in software landscapes, to up to ten billion Euros. At the same time, the share of IT budget for software testing can rapidly be at an average of 30 to 40 percent.

There is therefore a dedicated need for the different techniques of seereneTM, with which the code-reality of software landscapes – even suitable for non-technical decision makers – becomes immediately visible and understandable in the form of software maps. Finally, it gets more costly to fix a software error within a software landscape, the earlier it occurs in the development process and the later it is discovered.

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