Reduce software dependencies: More power to the techies!

May 19, 2015 | Press Coverage

In the second contribution of his Manager Magazin column, Dr. Johannes Bohnet argues why software should not be a techie-matter, but rather a central topic at board level. For this purpose he assigns different examples to what extent our society has become dependent of software which especially threatens the banking sector to be victims of software errors due to outdated “legacy systems”.

Board members need software expertise

In the first article of his Manager Magazin column seereneTM Founder & CCO Dr. Johannes Bohnet already outlined in detail how software penetrates business processes to the core and that a correspondingly large dependency has developed. In his second contribution he goes a step further and encourages that software should be a key topic at board level.

After all, the typical composition of a typical company board – with legal and economic backgrounds being predominant – makes apparent that software at board level seems to be a white spot. It turns out: a computer scientist as a board member is rarely found. But board members need to receive IT expertise, if they want to find a way out of the dilemma of software dependency.

A profound software dependency exists

The fact that a corresponding dependency exists even for experienced providers, can be demonstrated in different practical examples, such as a recently observed software error on the Amazon platform or an error in the computer systems of the airspace control system of the National Air Traffic Services (NATS), which paralyzed all airports within the London metropolitan area for full one and a half days.

For example, banks are especially not immune to software risks of this kind, after all. Dr. Bohnet clearly illustrates that technologies in the banking and insurance sectors are frightening old and that these so-called “legacy systems” accordingly bring software risks.

In order to reduce these potentially expensive and dangerous software dependencies, it is therefore important that people with software background start to populate the board level and that the topic of software is made more understandable – so understandable that even lawyers and economists can detect, if the company itself threatens to become a victim of outdated IT systems.

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