Modern software development: why software should become more safe

Sep 13, 2014 | Press Coverage

Increasingly, software failures cost a lot of money, sometimes even lives. Therefore, quality must be given a new meaning in software development.

Where there’s software, there are also software errors. We see them at work in the office and they annoy us because they cost time and money – and yet we have come to terms with this situation. Nevertheless, many users within the space of software development move software updates in order to avoid the risk of failure caused by errors in the new version. They take the risk of security threats to their systems consciously.

Why safety in software development is so important

As this topic becomes more and more relevant within software development, seereneTM CCO Dr. Johannes Bohnet dedicated it an article in the well-known business magazin Capital. There, he explains in detail, why software should become more safe and which interdependencies often exist between software and a business as a whole. He explains how safety measures can be applied to software development by making use of interactive software maps.

Sure: Quality costs – time and money. But the lack of quality calls for a much higher price, even if we do not always speak about human lives. Still, often high economic losses are the result of lack of quality consciousness in software development. Thus, Dr. Bohnet also answers the question why safety measures in software development still produce less costs than the lack of these measures. And his verdict is clear: Decision makers must take software development quality into account – again. Longterm quality should become the first benchmark for successful software development.

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