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Migrating Legacy Code Accurately

Legacy software often absorbs the budgets of companies without providing the reliability and flexibility required in the digital world. Legacy software migration is therefore a common task in digital transformation processes.

Migration involves many phases, with evolve around decisions over complex issues: which applications should be migrated first, how risks should be assessed, and how to estimate effort. Some migrations are also mandatory, such as with SAP systems that need to be migrated to S/4HANA.

Seerene provides comprehensive support and data-driven analysis for planning, monitoring and documenting migration processes of legacy systems.

Migrating Legacy Code Accurately


Software Analytics for Legacy Migration

Migrating legacy software requires scheduling and estimating of the effort. Software analytics deliver results that help validate plans and assess dependencies, risks and opportunities for improvement.

Software analytics helps to share knowledge and find consensus. Software maps on various topics that are relevant for legacy software migration are perfect for collaboration, presentation and documentation.  

Monitor Migration Processes

Software analytics provide the ability to monitor migration processes and take corrective action at the right time. All progress made with the migration path can be monitored by Seerene. Seerene takes in the data at regular intervals automatically and provides immediate access via its exploratory user interface.

Seerene reviews and predicts if you are likely to meet your defined development goals in terms of metrics and performance indicators. By viewing the development performance and activity, software management can decide whether to shift resources and help lagged teams achieve their goals. Software analytics help you verify that critical parts have been tested successfully and that software is ready for release and deployment. 


Seerene for SAP S/4HANA Migration

See how one of the largest software companies in the world is using Seerene to ensure that their migration to SAP S/4HANA happens on-time and as efficiently as possible.

SAP S4Hana migration
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