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Mastering Software Development Risks

Software development has to react in increasingly short time intervals: think of software deployment cycles of one week or even one day, and think of uploading updates onto the live server of a running system.

Seerene offers a platform that provides key information for the software management to be able to handle the associated risks and challenges.

Seerene offers a platform that provides key information for the software management to be able to handle the associated risks and challenges.  

Mastering Software Development Risks


Integrate Test Coverage & Performance with Data Analytics

For the software production pipeline, test coverage data and performance analysis data are good examples of valuable, detailed, technical information typically generated by a variety of third-party tools and frameworks.

Seerene allows for integrating third-party software data into its software analytics capabilities and so for getting added values. We can analyze questions such as:  

  • Do we have enough test coverage in the parts of the system that were recently changed?

  • Where are the system components that had a recent increase in coding complexity but haven't been tested so far?

  • Who are the developers that recently gained the most experience with untested system components?

Finding Test Hotspots

Test efforts are typically spent on the implementation of new software features and software components, and testing generally occurs under time pressure.

It's therefore key for the software management to identify the real development hotspots of software development, and to focus on them.

Seerene pinpoints the relevant components of recently added and changed source code, helping software development teams to plan, steer and monitor their testing activities.

Assignment of Code Reviews

Code reviews serve to capture program errors at an early stage. They're especially important when changes have been made by many different contributors, with code with a high degree of implementation complexity, with code in defect hotspots or where developers have made changes to code where they weren’t previously active.

By connecting this information, Seerene facilitates the assignment of code reviews and helps with using development time more effectively by identifying the most relevant source code.

Predicting Risks

Assessing the risks of bugs, failures and program errors introduced when adding new or changing existing source code relies on a large number of factors; during the previous decades, there has been no silver bullet for this task.

Seerene applies AI technology to predict these risks based on risks handled in the past. Within the management platform, different risks and related factors can be updated consistently and monitored systematically across the whole IT landscape.


Software Analysis and Evaluation of a Large Scale Application

Read our case study about software analysis and evaluation of a business-critical large-scale application in the public sector with the aid of Seerene.

Case Study
Case Study
Software Analysis and Evaluation of a Large Scale Application-1

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