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Feb 26, 2015 | Press Coverage

For software managers, software development can be a thankless task that consumes a lot of time and money – especially if the reduction of software risks and quality assurance of software development are the focus. In an extensive article tech magazine PC Welt explains (German only) how seereneTM is successfully addressing this problem with an holistic approach.

Identifying quality risks in software development has been time-consuming

From the perspective of software managers especially quality assurance in the software development often gets extremely complex. On the one hand, there are budgets in six- or even seven figures, which indicate a high level of financial responsibility. On the other hand increasing time pressure and new functional requirements add further pressure. Considering then that software systems are still very complex and therefore difficult to understand for the individual developers, one can quickly imagine why the number of failed projects is almost legendary. SeereneTM‘s Founder & CCO Johannes Bohnet recently illuminated in his Manager Magazine column on “The alarming supremacy of techies” how widespread this can become.

To discover risks in the code and defuse them in time, is one of the main problems in development projects, especially as information about problematic source code sections could yet only be obtained via manual code reviews. Since these are, however, associated with a considerable amount of time (and thus are correspondingly expensive), they are usually applied only selectively and thus can only supply a limited part of the code-reality. And should supplemental metric tools find application to the code surveying, interminable Excel lists with tens of thousands of entries arise as a result.

Intuitive Software Maps instead of complicated code reviews

In fact, software managers often find it difficult to identify quality risks in development projects efficiently. Here, action is needed due to the large amounts of data and the lack of prioritization of existing tools. Also, developers usually simply do not know where to start, as a holistic view of software has been completely missing so far.

In an extensive article PC Welt portrays how seereneTM is successfully addressing this problem with its new technology. By giving development managers an overall view of all the relevant information of the software development in the form of Software Maps, the seereneTM platform is precisely providing this so much needed code knowledge. It shows risks in the code and developer activities are considered as well. All available sources with project-related data are read, combined and then analyzed using data mining methods in real time. On the basis of Software Maps the points at which software risks mean a need for action and how a targeted quality assurance might look like, can then be seen at a glance.

» Read the complete PC Welt article (German only)

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