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Making Software Development Manageable

Software is the most important success factor in all industries. Many IT developments are laborious, or even come to fail. For the first time in 50 years of "software crisis," AI-based, data-driven software analytics provide a radically new means for companies to manage, control and optimize their software management –a complex, industrial manufacturing process– and deliver reliable, dependable and affordable software systems on a consistent basis.

Software Evolution

Software is always evolving in features, components, subsystems, or architecture, while qualities such as reliability and correctness must be maintained. Seerene’s platform with its AI-based and data-driven technology provides features to monitor, understand, and control software evolution.

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80% Productivity Loss

Companies focused on growth often fail due to inefficient software development and software management. In these cases, an estimated 80% of the potential is lost.

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Development Capacity

Software development does not scale linearly with the number of software developers, and development capacity is a scarce resource. Software analytics help you to handle this resource by, for example, analyzing how software development teams should best fit together.

Bug and Defect Fixing

Bug and defect fixing consume large part of development capacities–time that could otherwise be spent designing and implementing new software features. Knowing and monitoring the causes of bugs and defects by software analytics helps to fix them before they have any significant impact, and enables us to focus more on innovation.  

Hot Spots for Tests

Testing often suffers from non-optimal test cases. Software analytics show the relevant hotspots for software testing at-a-glance, and help to plan test strategies.

Developer Expertise

The hiring of external developers and the rapid scaling of the delivery organization carries substantial risks and challenges. Seerene’s software analytics provide insights into developer expertise and knowledge distribution, thereby supporting decisions over human resources in software development.


Software excellence in Automotive

With Seerene, one of the largest automotive suppliers uses full transparency over their software development to enables continuous improvement in their software delivery and efficiency.

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