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Launch Software Analytics  with Seerene

Start with our workshop, and evaluate what you need as further stages. We offer consultations, scientific consulting for software engineering and the opportunity to participate in research projects. 



The software analytics workshop usually begins with an introduction to the concepts, principles and examples of software analytics. We outline the key facts, current technology and future directions. We show how customers can actually get added value and obtain efficiency gains.

This forms the basis for a discussion of the key challenges the client is facing and that he wishes to address in the workshop.

In this context, Seerene outlines what can be expected from its software analysis platform, from software analytics in general, from AI-based methods in particular, and which requirements would have to be met to start.

Together with the customer, we develop possible roadmaps for a customer-specific digital boardroom for software management and AI-based, data-driven software engineering.

 If you have questions about details and options regarding software analytics workshops, please contact our customer success team


Fine Scoping (Optional)

The project scoping specifies the data sources for a customer software project that is to be connected to the Seerene platform. It summarizes  the goals of software analytics for the customer project quantitatively and qualitatively. The documentation is based on experimental tests with the customer software development landscape.

If you have questions about details and options regarding the project scoping, please contact our customer success team.


Platform Integration & Operation

Platform integration refers to the process of installing, connecting and operating the Seerene platform for the software development environment of a customer. This process is planned and scheduled according to the needs and constraints of our customers. The platform integration is based on a customer-specific roadmap and schedule. The platform integration is based on the project scoping.

If you have questions about details and options regarding the platform deployment and integration, please contact our customer success team.

Phases of a Seerene Pilot Project

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Seerene offers customer-specific services for software analytics, software management and digital transformation approaches for AI-based software development. An experienced team of experts in various areas of software engineering, software development, software test, and software deployment as well as our outstanding unique technology for AI-based, data-driven software management enables us to provide valuable support and insight to customer projects.

For example, we can assist our customers in issue detection, root-cause analysis, steering improvement or redesigning their software development processes. We can also assist customers with an ad-hoc software analysis in the case of software failures or critical software development situations.

For the consulting phase, the platform does not have to already be installed at the customer's side. In a consulting project, we determine how and to which degree we are going to use software analytics technology for that specific customer's case.


Research Projects

Seerene has many years of experience in research projects in the field of software analysis, software engineering and software visualization. With partners from business and academia, we participate in joint research projects at national and international level.

Seerene has many years of experience as lead partner in research projects. Seerene's goals include research and development in the areas of disruptive technology and digital transformation technology for software development and software engineering. In particular, Seerene is looking for innovation partners for topics related to machine learning and AI.

If you have questions about research projects, please contact Dr. Johannes Bohnet.

Scientific Consulting for Software Engineering

Seerene offers consulting related to customer-specific software development, software management, software analytics, and software methodology. For example, Seerene may assist in developing strategies towards AI-based, data-driven software management or analyze the current state of software engineering practice within a company or software project department. Seerene also develops models and transitions towards software analytics as key component for effective software management.

In consulting projects, Seerene offers access to its own and cooperating experts in software engineering and software development. Based on many years working at the forefront of software engineering and across many application domains, Seerene brings valuable experience in state-of-the-art in software engineering.

For research and development studies, Seerene will involve researchers from relevant fields and establish contacts with academic institutions such as the Hasso Plattner Institute.

If you have questions about research projects, please contact Dr. Johannes Bohnet.