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Ensuring Stable Software Releases

The decision over whether a software release is ready for delivery or deployment is a constant question in software production.

Seerene tracks a broad range of technical characteristics such as source code metrics and non-technical features such as development activities to help visualize, assess, and document the quality and maturity of software product releases.

With the insights of the Seerene platform, stakeholders can make accurate assessments and assign responsibility to the appropriate groups to make sure the releases are complete.

Ensuring Stable Software Releases


Data Capture 

Seerene installs its code and repository analyzer on-premise to automate the process of capturing meta data from the customer systems. No source code ever leaves your company, and developer names can be anonymized irreversibly during capture to comply with Works Council requirements.

  • Connect and generate software analytics results in a few hours: Connect to all your development tools rapidly through out-of-the-box connectors and a standard API for custom data integration. 
  • Consistent metrics across  languages: Harmonize your handling of code metric calculations and edge case treatment to enable comparison across different programming languages. 

  • Capture development activities: Analyze commits and related attributes from all relevant systems non-intrusively, and gain insights that offer data enhancement.

  • Historic data capture: Go back in time to understand what has happened so far and start making improvements immediately.

  • Comprehensive tool chain: Seerene’s analytics cover various data sources, such as ticketing systems, code repositories, static code analysis tools, code coverage tools, and so on.

Software Analytics

Seerene' analytics layer computes a broad range of advanced software metrics and software development indicators.  

  • Adapts to your data: Integrate standard and custom data into an extensible data model, which produces insights that cater to many different use-cases.   

  • Connects all data silos: Bridge between your development tool data silos and find answers to your questions in greater detail than ever before. 
  • Derive advance metrics and KPIs: Get unique views into your software development process by using derived metrics and combining them with code metrics such as percentage of effort in complex code.
  • Extensive filters for powerful insights: Focus your analysis on certain time ranges, tags, folders, tickets, builds, and many further standard and custom attributes.  

Software Visualization

Seerene uses a number of software visualization techniques to access key information found by software analysis visually. Trend analysis, comparisons and build pipelines give unique insights to various stakeholders, who gain their own perspective and so benefit from the opportunity for rapid assessment, issue detection, and root-cause analysis.

  • Software Maps: A systematic view of hierarchical system components, arranged as treemap and embedded in the 3D space. A software map represents a given codebase by a kind of virtual 3D city model that offers rapid assessment, issue detection, and overview for goal-oriented discussions.

  • Revision Activity: Simple, thorough issue detection through trend analysis for single tickets, teams, folders, and comparison between elements. 
  • Grouping of repositories: Get a consolidated view across development groups and filter by repositories, tickets, teams/vendors, tags, timelines etc.

  • Visualizing progress: Identify changes quickly by spotting changes in the height and color of buildings in software maps. 

Software Development Management 

As a unique element of the Seerene platform, it provides a management dashboard with steering capabilities. Various stakeholders can create specific views onto the development activities and set up targets to monitor progress made towards their goals. As a result, a number of large enterprises use the Seerene platform in high volume deployments.

  • Connect and generate software analytics results in a few hours: experience with highly comprehensive and complex software development organizations with thousands of developers, thousands of applications and applications with more than half a million code units each.

  • Fit for management: Seerene addresses needs across all levels in an organization by offering views over divisions and other organizational units that support senior management with setting targets and initiatives for improvement.

Software Excellence in Automotive

With Seerene, one of the largest automotive suppliers benefits from full transparency in their software development to enable continuous improvement in their delivered software and efficiency.


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