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Apr 26, 2016 | In der Presse

Die Hong Kong Economic Times berichtete am 11. März in dem Artikel „Graphical visualization monitors software development“ über Seerene und ihre Anwendungsmöglichkeiten. Unter dem Originalartikel finden Sie die englische Übersetzung.

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Seerene at Hong Kong Economic Times


Graphical Visualization Monitors Software Development

Today’s cutting-edge, fast-paced economy requires CEOs to understand complex information technology (IT), even if programming isn’t their specialty. Regardless of their official job title, high-level executives must often deal with difficult technical terms and massive unstructured data.

In response to the growing significance of IT to the entire C-suite, the leading Berlin Hasso Plattner Institute spearheaded research in software visualization. Three years ago Hasso Plattner PhD Johannes Bohnet co-founded Seerene, an advanced data analytics startup. The company specializes in developing software visualization solutions for enterprises and has won major clients in Germany such as SAP, Adidas, Lufthansa and Mercedes-Benz. The company received USD$5 million (HKD$38 million) in venture funding last year.

Google Map for software

Oliver Muhr, the CEO of Seerene, explained the company focused on a solution for application development because it is a major priority for enterprises today, which either purchase standalone software or develop custom applications in order to transform their businesses. Seerene’s software maps look similar to Google Maps in the sense that the maps visualize each module as a building. Height and color identify risks and complexities and thus show where more improvement can be made.

“The maps are very easy to understand – even IT laymen can fully grasp the information,” Muhr noted. “We assist enterprises, software developers and IT service providers in improving their software designs to increase efficiency and reduce costs.”

With more and more companies looking to undergo IT transformations, seerene’s business has expanded rapidly, most recently with the addition of a Hong Kong outpost earlier this year. “Geographically speaking, Hong Kong is at the center of Asia, close to mainland China and Southeast Asia,” Muhr added. “Hong Kong’s location and pool of IT talent will help us propel our corporate development forward.”
Eighty percent of Seerene’s existing clients are based in Europe, but the client acquisition rate in Asia and U.S. is staggering. “We came to Hong Kong only two or three weeks ago, but we are already having five to six customer meetings per day,” Muhr revealed. “We expect our revenue will be divided equally between Asia, Europe and the U.S. by the end of 2016.”

CAPTION: Oliver Muhr said there is a growing demand for software visualization solutions from the financial services sector in Hong Kong.
The ideal software map should be flat and without hotspots.

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